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Celebrating 10 Years of Fighting Human Trafficking Together


Make plans now to join us this weekend, January 28th and 29th, as we celebrate 10 years of making a difference around the world during the U COUNT Spotlight Weekend. Here’s what U COUNT Founder and Director Bonnie Northrup had to say:

“Throughout time there have been people who have identified injustice and chosen to courageously step up to the plate and be a voice for the voiceless. They are the freedom fighters.

Historically it was people like William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King that fought societal norms resulting in the changed lives of millions.

Today the fight continues through the voices and efforts of people that include David and Beth Grant from Project Rescue, Ambika Pandey from Deepika Ministries, India, and all of you – the volunteers from the U COUNT Campaign!

In 2007, U COUNT got its start resulting from the outrage I felt from reading an article on slavery. Now, a decade later, because of you – countless women have found economic freedom, a home exists offering a place of ministry and safety, a center brings hope to the women of a red-light district community, a new vocational unit offers a place for creativity and self-worth to develop. Local youth, community, service and law enforcement groups gather for awareness and to form trafficking prevention strategies, emergency bags and coded gifts offering help to victims.  We have come such a very long way! The journey has been amazing. So, here’s to our ten-year anniversary – let’s celebrate!

Unfortunately, lives still languish at the hands of traffickers, so our fight continues. Thank you for continuing to recognize your sphere of influence, your potential to make a difference, for vacating your comfort zones and choosing to make your life count for women and children.  What will the next decade bring? Who knows, but I believe the results of your hard work will mirror the last ten years and continue to be “abundantly above all we could ever ask or think…” Ephesians 3:20. Thank you FREEDOM FIGHTERS!”

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.    – Margaret Mead

What can you expect during this special U COUNT Spotlight Weekend?

  • Inspiring stories about lives that have been transformed through the power of hope delivered thanks to the generosity of the Timberline Church family given through our domestic and global partnerships.
  • Stark facts about the continuing issues across the ocean and in our own backyard.
  • Opportunities to get involved financially through an offering for specific projects as well as the chance to shop the Marketplace and buy unique items handcrafted by rescued women finding a way to build a self-sustaining future.
  • More information about ways to make a difference through organizations represented at Tables in the Mall.

Find out more at ucountcampaign.org where you can sign up for their monthly newsletter filled with more opportunities to make a difference and specific ways to pray.

You Can Make a Difference Through U COUNT in 2016

u count 3

This past weekend Timberline Church and the U COUNT Campaign celebrated the hundreds of lives that were impacted in 2015, but the vision doesn’t stop there. Here are a few more key ways you can either learn more or help make a difference.

There is a U COUNT Men’s Only presentation tonight, February 1, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Timberline Church Fort Collins Campus, Room 201/202. Boy to Buyer: How Our Culture Raises Men Who Buy Sex will be presented by Chris Bruno, the director of Restoration Project.

On Sunday, February 7, from 10:00 a.m. to noon, there will be a U COUNT Campaign Information and Volunteer Training meeting at the Timberline Road Campus in Room 213. This meeting will cover the broad scope of all that the U COUNT Campaign does and how you can get involved if you so desire. However, there will be no pressure toward signing up volunteers, so feel free to come and learn more.

Stay informed about current projects, upcoming events, critical issues, and prayer needs by visiting the U COUNT Campaign website and signing up for the newsletter. A click on the “Pray” tab will connect you with vital ways to pray as well as a monthly list of specific topics to pray about. Informed prayer will reap dividends far beyond what we can even imagine and is an easy way for everyone to help make a difference this year. You can also like the U COUNT Campaign Facebook page  for more up-to-date information and stories.

Last, the U COUNT Campaign will be fundraising throughout the year to help provide the following domestic efforts, global projects, and marketplace. (Find out how to donate on their website.) 

  • Support local initiatives that provide prevention trainings and community organizing to address human trafficking
  • Support Colorado organizations working with victims
  • Engage in Local Victim Resources such as emergency bags, hotline encoded gifts, and advocacy
  • Home of Hope in New Delhi, India – (with our frontline partner organization Project Rescue) Land purchase and subsequent construction of a permanent residence for the rescued daughters and sons of prostituted women.
  • Rapid Response Fund – The movement of refugees from the war torn countries has created unprecedented levels of migration, dislocation, and human suffering which has created a perfect storm for the trafficking of people for sexual slavery. This fund was created to help Project Rescue be prepared to respond swiftly to urgent needs as they arise across the globe.
  • Scholarship Program – Dream T’s – Every rescued child has a dream. Many dream of becoming a teacher, doctor, counselor, graphic designer, business person and the list goes on. Purchase a U COUNT T-shirt and send a girl or boy to college to make their dream a reality!
  • Marketplace – Funds to sustain the operational expenses of this amazing business bringing economic escape to at risk women and survivors of trafficking. This allows 100% of the sales to go back to the vocational units.

Celebrating Another Year of Making a Difference – U COUNT Spotlight Weekend 2016


Mark your calendars and be sure to attend services this coming weekend, January 30 and 31, 2016 as together Timberline Church celebrates the reality of making a difference in the lives of trafficking survivors both locally and globally in 2015. Pastor Jeff Lucas will be preaching a powerful message on the topic of Doors of Opportunity followed by updates from the U COUNT Campaign about 2015’s projects, a special offering for 2016’s projects, and the chance to continue making a difference through interactions (and shopping!) at the tables in the mall.

For those who are new to Timberline Church, the U COUNT Campaign is a team of volunteers that work to increase awareness of the crime of global sex trafficking and support at risk women, children and survivors of sex slavery through three fronts: Domestic Efforts, Global Projects, and Marketplace. You can find out more at www.UCountCampaign.org. Here’s a preview of some of what we’re celebrating:

In 2015, we sent $100,000 to our Project Rescue partners in New Delhi, India to buy the last remaining floor in the apartment complex being used as an Outreach Center in the heart of the red light district. This purchase reinforces the fact this ministry is there to stay and will continue to provide a safe place for prostituted women in the community to find love, respect, medical care, food, prayer, counseling, English classes, and the chance to transition their young children out of the brothels to the Project Rescue Children’s Home.

Another $100,000 was sent to Kolkata, India to help our Project Rescue affiliated ministry, Deepika. Financial gifts were also given toward encoded gifts for domestic trafficking victims, Sarah’s Home (www.sarahshome.us) in southern Colorado, Streets Hope (www.streetshope.org) in Denver, and to support A Face to ReFrame (www.afacetoreframe.org) and their training of over 1000 individuals right here in Fort Collins to identify human trafficking.

U count 1

Of course, the U COUNT Campaign Marketplace continues to support at risk and rescued women by giving them economic stability through vocational rehabilitation programs. In 2015, the Marketplace sold $91,517 worth of product with that money going directly toward the purchase of more inventory as well as bonuses to the women. In addition to the Marketplace products, there are also Scholarship T’s that over the last three years have allowed us to send $50,000 and provide 49 scholarships for sons and daughters of prostituted women to go to college.

U COUNT Campaign founder and visionary Bonnie Northrup said, “We are blown away by the generosity of each and every donor, and every person who chose to buy a product or T-shirt. But the power truly lies in the lives that have been transformed by those funds. Those dollars have bought safety, economic security, education, physical, mental and emotional care, addiction recovery, food, hope, a changed life, and a changed future. To God be all the glory.”

u count 2

As we prepare for the coming weekend, please pray for God’s anointing on every aspect of the service. Please pray for generosity toward the 2016 projects, scholarship T-shirt program and product purchases. Please pray for awareness of the horrific crime of sex trafficking to penetrate hearts and move people toward action to stop it. The topic of sex trafficking is a tough one, especially for those sitting in the auditorium who have personally survived sexual exploitation or are currently living in an abusive relationship. Please pray for those individuals that they will be moved to courageously reach out for help this weekend.

Lastly, make sure to stop by the tables in the mall:

  • Table #2 – Dream T’s – Send a rescued girl or boy to college one shirt at a time.
  • Table #3 – U COUNT Info – Learn more about the U COUNT Campaign, our 2016 Projects, and receive a prayer brochure.
  • Table #4 – Corporate Donor Program – Our Corporate Donors give to fund our Campaign Operations expenses as well as carefully selected projects for the year. Stop by our table and see how you can help.
  • Table #5 – Domestic Anti-Trafficking Efforts – Stop by to learn more about the efforts to end sex trafficking in our own community.
  • Table #6 – SAVA – Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Center – Support for all those affected by sexual assault.
  • Table #7 – U COUNT Men – Find out how our men’s team contributes their time and help to the campaign. Receive information about the special men’s night, February 1, Boy to Buyer: How Our Culture Raises Men Who Buy Sex
  • Table #8 – Breaking Silence Motorcycle Run – This June run is designed to bring awareness to the crime of sex trafficking. Come by our table in the mall to find out all the run details.
  • Table #9 – Front Range Freedom Tour ’16 – Join a great team of cyclists and supporters on a tour from Cheyenne to Raton Pass. Lots of ways to get involved, have fun, and support the kids at the Home of Hope. Visit our table or www.richsride/frontrangefreedomtour
  • Tables #10-#15 – U COUNT Marketplace – Your purchase empowers at risk women and girls, and former victims to have a new life and exit sexual slavery.

Team Heading Out for the Front Range Freedom Tour


On Friday, June 19, a team of riders along with a “support and gear” crew will be heading out from Cheyenne, Wyoming for a weeklong bike ride across the state  of  Colorado before ending on Raton Pass on the New Mexico border. In partnership with U COUNT Campaign, the goal is to raise awareness and  funding for Project Rescue’s Home of Hope in New Dehli, India that serves children rescued from the sex trade.

While they are gone, please pray for their physical safety on the roads, health, protection from injury, good weather, and many opportunities to share with others about the issues of human trafficking and the mission of Project Rescue. You can follow along with Front Range Freedom Tour updates at http://richsride.org/blog.

Team Heading to India


On October 20, five members of the U COUNT Campaign will be leaving for a ten day trip heading to three cities in India – New Delhi, Nagpur, Mumbai. Although their objectives include connection and support of their partnering missionaries, visiting project sites, development of new partnerships and products, and expansion of existing business partnerships, their passion truly is to serve former sexually exploited women and children and those who care and advocate for them in any way needed. As team leader, Bonnie Northrup says, “We have an itinerary and have made plans but we know God has so much more in store for us than we can possibly imagine!”

While they are gone, please pray for:

  • physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • clarity in communication
  • expanded relationships with site leaders

United In Purpose – The 2014 Freedom Tour Report

2014 Freedom Tour WyomingOn June 21st, 50 bikers in orange jerseys cycled out of Cheyenne, Wyoming on the beginning leg of the 2014 Front Range Freedom Tour. Forty single-day riders joined the core team of cyclists (in partnership with U COUNT Campaign) to raise awareness and funding to support kids rescued from the sex trade at Project Rescue’s Home of Hope in New Dehli, India. Their goal was to provide all the yearly operational costs for every child being given housing, food, aftercare, clothing, and an education at the home.

2014 Freedom Tour mapThe long journey across Colorado meant covering a lot of miles each day while battling hills, heat, and the occasional flat tire. Despite their exhaustion, the team came together with a common sense of purpose and rallied around the thought that 25 children in New Dehli were getting a chance at the life God intended for them. As the miles accumulated, so did the community spirit on the team and they traded off taking the lead or bringing up the rear as a servant.

2014 Freedom Tour Freedom ridersOne day, while the team was stopped in a parking lot to fix a flat tire, it began to sprinkle. As they gathered under an overhang out of the rain, the team noticed another group of cyclists taking similar refuge and struck up a conversation. It turned out that the five cyclists–The Freedom Riders–were students from Moody Bible College busy cycling across America to fight human trafficking. How like God to bring the two groups together for 45 minutes during a rain storm to share their common purpose!

2014 Freedom Tour Raton Pass

After nearly 500 grueling miles in a week, the team created a single orange line as they climbed Raton Pass, still supporting and encouraging each other as they showed kids halfway around the world there was still hope. You can read more about their journey or donate toward the cause at www.RichsRide.org.


Team Leaving For Front Range Freedom Tour

Freedom Tour Badge

Bike helmet? Check. Water bottle? Check. Tire pressure? Check.

It’s time for FRONT RANGE FREEDOM TOUR ’14 to hit the road. From June 21-29, a team of sixteen cyclists and support folks will tour 500 miles from Cheyenne to the summit of Raton Pass at the Colorado/New Mexico border.

This unconventional mission trip really isn’t about biking. Like all mission efforts, this is about building relationships and bridging barriers. Along their route the team will raise awareness about the horrors of human trafficking and raise funds to support the kids at Project Rescue’s HOME OF HOPE in New Delhi, India.

As they travel, please pray:

  • For awareness of divine appointments and opportunities to share their story with those they encounter along the road.
  • That this will be a time of significant spiritual growth for individual team members.
  • That through this experience the team members will form deep, lasting relationships.
  • For health, safety, and guidance as they travel.

You can follow the team’s exploits at: www.richsride.org/blog.