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On October 21st Help Support the Sisneros Family’s Work in Guatemala


George and Vonda Sisneros, some of our Timberline Ambassadors,  are currently serving in Guatemala where over the past four and a half years they have been impacting the community of El Rosario one boy at a time. George is currently in Colorado raising money for an exciting new project and we’re inviting you to be part of the action…at the auction.

Where is it? Timberline Windsor, 60 E Crossroads Blvd, Windsor, Colorado 80550

What time? Friday October 21st. Doors open at 6:30 for dessert and coffee (no charge) and time to preview the silent auction items. At 7:00, George will give a short “State of the Ministry” address sharing about what God has done so far and about the need for a middle school and clinic. The Live Auction begins at 7:15 with a break from 7:45 to 8:00 when the paddle action resumes until 8:30.

What will the money be used for?  We have a Huge goal of raising $200,000 to build a middle school, clinic, and a missions home with guest rooms for short term teams.  There’s more information on the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1177107202351022/.


What’s up for bidding? A few of the highlights include a 1-hour massage; dental whitening; sports packages including a Fitbit watch, youth hockey package, yoga lessons, or even CSU, Eagles, or Bronco tickets; vacation packages including airfare, Breckenridge cabin, Estes Park condo, a week-long timeshare, or 4 ski passes; gas cards; shopping spree gift cards including iTunes and Amazon; date night dinner and movie gift cards; and food packages including grocery store gift cards, fresh meat, local honey, or even 1 dozen free range eggs per week for one year…delivered.

Do people need to RSVP or can they just show up? They can RSVP on our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1177107202351022/ 

What should attendees wear? Wear what’s comfortable!  

Any last thoughts? Everyone is invited… Spread the news & tell your friends! Vonda is truly sad she won’t be there to see everyone, but still hopes YOU can make it! 

And if anyone else is interested in supporting the ministry but is unable to attend on Friday night, how can they give?  The best way to give is at https://pushpay.com/pay/ordinarymissionaries  

Introducing New Timberline Ambassador Claire Zwetzig

Claire Zwetzig

Claire Zwetzig, age 23, got her undergraduate degree at Texas Christian University and recently received her Masters at Colorado State University. She has been a member of Timberline Church for four years. However, back when she was in high school, she went on a missions trip through Timberline to Prague, Czech Republic to build a women’s dormitory at Teen Challenge. While there, she heard miraculous testimonies of God’s grace and redemption in their lives. Through that experience and later missions trips to Guatemala and San Antonio, her heart grew for God and for missions.

Starting in early August, Claire will be participating in The World Race, an 11-month-long mission trip and extensive discipleship program. After training this summer in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, Claire and her team will be traveling to 11 different countries (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia). In each country they will be working with a different ministry or organization. Therefore, over the 11 months, they will likely be working in orphanages, ministering to women in sex trafficking, planting churches, teaching English, leading VBS, assisting refugees, and more. Since The World Race focuses on preaching, evangelizing, and teaching, many of their tasks in each country will revolve around those three pillars.

While she is traveling around the world, Claire is praying that God grows her heart for Him and aligns her heart with His. “I pray that He teaches me to love people like He does. Ultimately, I hope to come back being more like Christ! I’m also praying that I learn how to better use the skills He has given me. Additionally, I’m praying that God would use my team and me in mighty ways. I hope we can effectively point people towards Jesus and be able to  show and tell them about Jesus’ unwavering love for us. I’m praying for physical and spiritual miracles for the people we meet! I’m also praying that the Holy Spirit would be evident to us in each moment and interaction!” Please also pray for safe travels, health, and open doors for ministry.

Claire will be posting updates, pictures, and sharing stories on her blog (http://clairezwetzig.theworldrace.org) a couple times each month. In the left-side panel of the blog, visitors can hit “subscribe” and then get an email whenever she posts those updates.

Introducing Timberline Ambassador Abby Stewart


Abby Stewart has attended Timberline for ten years with her family. After graduating from high school last year, she’s been working two jobs and seeking God’s direction. While she’s been a Christian most of her life, the past two years were filled with some serious health problems that opened her eyes to the world and as God spoke to her heart, she discovered what it really means to be a Christian.

During last year’s short-term missions trip to Hillcrest Children’s Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Abby began to feel God pulling on her heart and by the end of the trip, she did not want to leave. After investigating whether it was possible to return and serve by herself, Abby will be leaving on May 31st to return to the Hillcrest Children’s Home. Over the next six weeks, she will be working with the kids and staff there as well as helping with visiting missions teams, including one from Timberline Church.

Her main goal in this journey is to learn. As Abby shares, “I want to learn the hearts of the staff members but also the kids. I want to see how God uses me. I want to be able to speak into lives and not just talking but being present in lives out there.  My main goal is to fall so hard in love with the Lord and I want my actions to show how much I adore the Lord! People usually ask “why Arkansas?” Well, why not? I don’t just love the campus but I love walking out the airport doors and feeling the humidity and knowing this is where God has placed me for a reason.” She is looking forward to this trip because of growing together with those she already knows as well as the opportunity to meet new people.

While she is gone, please pray for Abby because this is the first time she’s been away from home this long. Pray that her health stays in good condition and that God would confirm His will while she’s there.  Also pray for strength, wisdom, and confidence. As Abby shares, “My biggest challenge is going to be the fact I will have to be strong for myself and for the people on the campus. I’m an emotional person so that’s going to be a big challenge is that I will be facing more adverse situations than I have before.”

Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Karlee Mulkey

Karlee 1

Karlee Mulkey started 2016 with a Guatemalan adventure. Here is Karlee’s story in her own words:

My trip to Guatemala was a life changing experience. There is no other way to put it! I came back changed, a better person. I was working in a children’s home, a church, and a feeding center. The whole trip was a whirlwind. I had a lot of ups and downs, God testing me in ways I could never imagine. He was stretching me to my limits, taking me as far as I could go. He taught me to have patience, to treat everyone with respect, and to love unconditionally.

Karlee 2

I saw most of this with the children in the home. Every single kid has a different story which affected them all differently. They came from homes and families that many people couldn’t believe were real. Even though these kids came from unspeakable lives, God is moving them in the home. Living there, they are given an opportunity to live the lives God created for them. Each one has the opportunity to go to school, to be loved by the people that take care of them, and the opportunity to learn about God. This was so moving for me, to see the life they could have had and now to see the life they are able to live.

Karlee 4

I met so many incredible people down there as well. Guatemalans have a faith like I have never seen. Everything the believers do is for God, everything that is given to them is from God, even when the world around them could knock them down easily. This encouraged me to live my life more for God, to know that everything comes from Him, in the good and the bad times.

I am back now. Within a week, God blessed me with two jobs, jobs of my dreams! I know these jobs are because of my faith and service for the kingdom, and God is blessing me. He is SO GOOD!

Karlee 3

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to go to Guatemala, and I am hoping and planning to go back within a year. I miss everything about it, the country, the people, the church, the kids. I want to go back, and I know I made great relationships that will last a lifetime.

Introducing Timberline Ambassador Karlee Mulkey

Karlee Mulkey 1

Karlee Mulkey, age 22, graduated in December 2015 with a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Business Administration and Spanish. She had moved to Fort Collins in August 2012 and started attending Timberline in 2013. She said, “I have been interested in missions for as long as I can remember. I love to travel and so my interest in missions and helping people has affected what I want to do while I travel.”

She has just arrived in Guatemala City, Guatemala where she will be working with Pastor Araceli, helping out in whatever way she thinks, primarily in the children’s home for the next three months. During that time, Karlee hopes to impact the children and the people she works with in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of her own life with clear direction of what to do and where to go when she gets back to the States.

While she is gone, please pray for safety, wisdom to see what God has planned, courage to do whatever it takes to spread His love, and many opportunities to share with the people and children of Guatemala.

Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Joye Dickens

Joye - ribbon cutting

Joye Dickens (pictured to the left) returned in August, 2015 from a yearlong mission trip in Paarl, South Africa. This was Joye’s second trip since her first was a two month endeavor the summer before. During her first trip, she helped run a container kitchen in the community alongside the eight amazing African Gogos or “grandmothers.” But God had bigger plans for Joye than two months and His hand was in every moment leading up to and during her return trip. 

Due to the loving support of friends, connections in South Africa, members of Timberline, and Timberline Church—who saw how much of Joye’s heart belonged to the community of Paarl and with the Gogos—Joye was provided everything she could possibly need for the trip.  This included everything from financial support, a car once she arrived there, prayer, and much more. Without others generosity and support, Joye would not have been able to return.  She was overwhelmed by God’s grace and provision before she even began her work in Paarl. 

Joye - bowls of soup

Once back in Paarl, Joye continued with her help in running the container kitchen that feeds well over 300 children daily, but she also played a vital role in the establishment of a larger, better equipped container kitchen.  Joye’s tenacity, perseverance, and trust in God led to so many providential moments.  One particular moment was when the original kitchen lost its allocated space. Joye trusted God in finding the women a new location. She had heard that the principal of the Mbekweni Primary School might be open to housing the kitchen behind the school.  She pursued that possibility with fiery tenacity and trusted an urge one day to go to the school.  Despite it being the end of the day and Joye figuring that everyone would be gone, she happened upon the only two gentleman still there. One was the principal himself, and after a few meetings with the school, the new kitchen had its location.

Joye - children in line

The eventual goal of the new container will not only be to provide food, but also to be a safe space for children to be tutored, do their homework, learn how to play music, and acquire other helpful skills such as sewing.  None of this would be possible without the members of the community offering up their services.  As the community has seen the good the kitchen has done, more and more have offered their services in hopes of expanding the mission and value of the container in the community. They were even able to start a garden that had been discussed by members of the community but had remained unexecuted.  With a generous donation, they were able to clean up the area where the garden would be placed and have since began planting.

Joye - happy children

Joye will continuously speak about how blessed she felt, summing it up perfectly with one simple phrase: “God’s blessings abound.”  She was blessed with the gift of going and was blessed daily by the love of the people in Paarl.  She was overwhelmed by the love she was shown by the Gogo women, the children, and members of the community.  The children who came to the kitchen went so far as to call her “White Granny.”  Joye felt the community’s embrace and thanked God for giving her such an open heart which allowed her to make so many connections and have touching encounters with people—many of which turned into deep relationships. 

At this time, Joye does not have any set plans to return to South Africa, but she continues on with an open heart to whatever God calls for her to do.  For now, she remains in touch with many of the Gogos and other friends she made while there. (Click here to read the newsletter about the new container with many more pictures!)

(Thanks to Storyteller Tirzah Post for helping share Joye’s story.)


Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Daniel Kohout

Daniel Kohout 5

Daniel Kohout has recently returned from two and half months in Battambong, Cambodia preceded by nine weeks in Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Colorado Springs.

During his nine weeks at DTS, Daniel said he felt “wrecked by God.”  Daniel explained: “I use this term to refer to radical transformation, similar to what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus. Though it was very different from God blasting me off my horse, the Holy Spirit invaded my life with similar gusto. What stood out about this part of the school was learning how to hear the voice of God, and the emphasis of focusing on Him. To be honest during those nine weeks I can’t think of a time when I WASN’T thinking about him.”  Daniel faced many challenges as his old self “burned away” and his new self emerged, ready to take on the next phase of his journey.

Daniel Kohout 1

In Battambong, Cambodia, Daniel and his team worked at a Youth Center designed to teach English to locals primarily in their teens.  Daniel described their time as a “huge opportunity to model Jesus and sow seeds.” They had 30 to 40 students five days a week.  When they were not teaching, the team spent their time doing street evangelism, kid’s ministries, and prayer walks.

Daniel Kohout 2

Daniel was nervous to go on his first trip overseas, but once there, his nerves subsided.  However, he faced some important challenges, especially since the diversity of his team made it difficult to understand and relate to one another at times.  Daniel learned that this was an opportunity for God to use the people around him to work on Daniels’ heart. Through time in prayer, he discovered that loving people came not from increased effort on his part but as a natural outcome of closely seeking God. He also learned that love is “not dictated by whether or not you like someone- for it is not love if it’s conditional.”  Daniel was thankful to have learned that lesson so early in life and credits it as the biggest lesson learned during DTS.

Daniel Kohout 3

Daniel believed the most hopeful thing he experienced was when he led two locals to God; he had previously not witnessed salvation up close.  Daniel was thrilled when one of the newly saved locals contacted him shortly after his return home and was seeking guidance on sharing the gospel with others less than a month after her own salvation.

Daniel Kohout 4

This was Daniel’s first mission trip, however he knows it will not be his last.  Daniel articulated that “Being part of the frontlines of God moving in the nations is extraordinary.” He already plans for another long term mission with training starting September 26th and a departure to Turkey in December for six months or longer. He asked for prayers that he will be able to raise the funds and for safety during his time in Turkey.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Tirzah Post)