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40 Ways to Do Missions From Home


Here at Timberline Church, one of our objectives is to express the message of Jesus in word and deed to the world around us. Summed up with the peak Love Reaches, we know that the world is at the tip of our fingers and starts rights outside our front door. So here are 4o ways we can all “do missions” from the comfort of our own homes. How many more can you come up with?

  1. Run a lemonade stand … for free!
  2. Write a thank you note to someone … on paper.
  3. Find 5 people to whom you can give a compliment today.
  4. Once a month ask someone to coffee.
  5. Invite a neighbor to dinner once a season.
  6. Give people your full attention today—not even phone distractions.
  7. Smile at people.
  8. Hold the door for someone.
  9. Buy lunch (or coffee) for the person behind you in line.
  10. Donate to the local food bank or the SERVE 6.8 Resource Center.
  11. Buy a coffee or snack at Timberline Café—all tips go to missions.
  12. Look up SERVE 6.8 and find a time this month you can volunteer.
  13. Bring cookies to a neighbor.
  14. Like to drive or organize things? Short-term missions trips need you.
  15. Walk your neighborhood, pray over every house you pass.
  16. Run a 5K for charity … like Run for Orphans in September.
  17. Invite your child’s best friend for dinner … & listen to his/her stories.
  18. Like film, photo or writing? Join Storytellers team at Timberline
  19. Send a care package to a college student.
  20. Subscribe opendoorsusa.org to receive prayer requests throughout the world.
  21. Pray for Timberline missionaries 1st Thursday of the month @ 12:30pm.
  22. Pray for persecuted Christians: persecution.com
  23. Host a visiting missionary in your home: email lovereaches@timberline.org
  24. Leave out a bowl of candy for others on your desk.
  25. Be sportsmanlike when at or in sporting events.
  26. Talk to someone who looks nervous or out of place in the group.
  27. If you serve and see few results, keep serving. It’s working.
  28. Don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses. This builds bridges.
  29. Clap and cheer out loud for others.
  30. Ask people to talk about their favorite subject: themselves.
  31. Admit your faith and beliefs.
  32. Ask if someone would like you to pray. If we don’t pray, who will?
  33. Ask God to show you one person who needs you today, then listen all day.
  34. Say “Please” and “Thank you” … with a genuine smile.
  35. Be on time, this shows your respect.
  36. Ask for help, this builds friendships.
  37. Ask God to help you forgive someone completely today.
  38. Be a person of your word. Think before you accept. If you say yes, mean it.
  39. Welcome a new neighbor, schoolmate, church attender or co-worker.
  40. Really join a small group at Timberline, make solid friends.

Missions Week Recap: SERVE 6.8


One of the spotlight nights during Missions Week 2016 was about our local partnership with SERVE 6.8. The Storytellers Team caught up with them to ask a few questions for those who were unable to attend that night, starting with a little history of what SERVE 6.8 has done to serve our local community.

SERVE 6.8 began as a volunteer led movement in April 2012, launching out of Timberline Church, to serve vulnerable populations with various outreaches such as Building Hope. The goal was to serve the community with no strings attached. Soon after, SERVE 6.8 began working with Disaster Relief in the summer of 2012 after the High Park and Estes Park Fires. SERVE 6.8 was able to serve over 55 families that were victims of the Fires with either financial assistance or fire recovery projects.

SERVE 6.8 became an independent 501c3 nonprofit in February 2013, when taking over ownership and operation of the Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope. The Murphy Center was overseen by SERVE 6.8 from July 1, 2013 to December 4, 2015.

During the Northern Colorado Floods of September 2013, SERVE 6.8 partnered with the Red Cross to provide the main Evacuation Center for Larimer County. Continuing their presence in the community during the recovery phase, SERVE 6.8 provided flood survivors with access to debris removal projects, heavy equipment, and community resources. SERVE 6.8 completed 92 flood-related projects, with 1,420 volunteers and 9,885 volunteer hours. In the spring of 2014, SERVE 6.8 also partnered with Larimer County to provide over 60,000 free, filled sandbags for residents impacted by the floods and fires with concerns of spring run-off.

SERVE 68 Resource-Center

Today, SERVE 6.8 runs two program, the Resource Center and Community Impact. The Resource Center was launched April 13, 2015 and provides care to those experiencing financial hardship in our community. Community Impact is the continuation of the original Building Hope initiative and serves vulnerable populations through small home repairs, yard work, and moves. Our vision and mandate is to serve those who need to experience hope, healing, and self worth.

What were some of the highlights from the Spotlight evening during Missions Week 2016? We heard the round-table brainstorming was quite productive.

The biggest highlight from the spotlight event during Missions Week at Timberline Church, besides gaining project ideas for a Church-wide service day in July, was to begin to introduce people to the discipleship of poverty alleviation and how they can begin this journey.

SERVE 68 round tables

Speaking of which, how can people get involved with SERVE 6.8 in the next month or so? Would they sign up on your website?

Anyone interested in becoming a team member with SERVE 6.8 and serving with us within the next few months can sign up for volunteer opportunities on our website or through the links on our Serving Opportunity e-mails. You can get connected to our e-mails by signing up on our Get Involved page with the Team Member Application Form.

What’s the next step in your overall vision? What can Timberline Church expect to see in the months and years to come as we continue this partnership?

Over the next few years we will continue to work on growing our programs and becoming more independent, while Timberline Church continues to be a valuable partner of SERVE 6.8 as a partner church at the Resource Center and supports the work we are doing in the community. We currently have eight partner churches of the Resource Center and will continue to grow our partnerships as we work to combine community church resources to best care for our neighbors in need. Our vision is for the Resource Center to expand its services and hours of operation while deepening and growing church partnerships. Lastly, you will continue to see us provide consistent care and our poverty alleviation philosophies to those in need in our city.

Colorado Gives Day on December 9

Colorado Gives Day 2014

The Colorado First Foundation and 1st Bank are teaming up again to provide an easy way to give to your favorite non-profit organization, including SERVE 6.8 and their work at The Murphy Center. Visit the ColoradoGives.org website’s page about SERVE 6.8 to find out more about specific projects, watch a video, and see pictures of where donations are being put to good use in our community.

While Colorado Gives Day is December 9th, donations can be pre-scheduled, meaning you can set it up right now while you are thinking about it and have it count toward tomorrow’s totals. Need another reason to give?

1. Bank fees will be reduced on December 9th, meaning organizations will get more of the donated money.

2. Matching money. There is currently a matching fundraiser going on for the first $25,000 raised.

3. Incentive fund. Once the totals are calculated and converted into a percentage, each of the participating non-profit organizations will get a corresponding slice of  a $1 million pie.

4. For donations over $500, there is a 25% Enterprise Zone State Tax Credit available. Go to http://serve68.org/donate for the form to fill out.

5. Celebration event on December 9, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Compass Cider House at 216 North College Avenue in Fort Collins. In addition to an evening of food and fun, those who donate on the 9th have the option of a 1/2 price Flight of Cider or a BOGO on a Full Pour (non-alcoholic varieties available.).

Plan Now For One Day To Feed The World


How much do you earn from one day’s work? What if you donated that same amount to help feed and support the hungriest people in our region and around the world? That’s what One Day To Feed The World is all about.

On August 23 and 24, Timberline Church is once again collecting a special offering. Like last year, the proceeds will be split between Convoy of Hope and SERVE 6.8.

Convoy of Hope is an international humanitarian organization based in Springfield, Missouri. Since their founding in 1994, they have helped over 65 million impoverished, hungry, or hurting people. Previous One Day donations helped fund disaster response teams after tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma and a typhoon in the Philippines as well as helped feed over 145,000 children in 11 countries.

SERVE 6.8, through The Murphy Center, serves and supports the hungry and marginalized in our community. They have also been a key part of local disaster response initiatives after the fires and flood, serving local displaced and affected families with no strings attached.

Plan now to give because your One Day transforms their every day.

Serve Out Loud 2014

Serve Out Loud 2014 Group
On Saturday, April 26th, 95 teenagers discovered that working together can be fun … and make a huge impact on the community. As part of the annual Serve Out Loud event, the goal was to partner with and support local ministries, give teens the opportunity to serve, and hopefully spark an ongoing attitude of service as individuals or small groups.

One area of emphasis was filling and stacking sandbags at the Budweiser Event Center. After the flood last fall and higher-than-normal snowpack levels, local officials have asked SERVE 6.8 to spearhead sandbagging efforts prior to the anticipated spring runoff from the mountains. By the end of the day, they had filled 19 pallets with about 1500 sandbags!

Serve Out Loud 2014 Sandbags 2

Another group of Middle Schoolers focused their efforts at The Murphy Center where they did deep spring cleaning, area clean up, dug the beds for the new community gardens, and created a footpath through the garden. Pastor Tim said the ground was super hard but the kids did great work.

Serve Out Loud 2014 yardwork

The last group of volunteers spread out with Finally Home Foundation to serve local foster families. Some painted fences, did yard work, or cleaned while others assembled a play structure. One family couldn’t stop thanking the team saying, “There is no way we could have done this without you … You are a Godsend. We are so blessed.”

Serve Out Loud 2014 playground

Want to see more? Check out this video from Timberline Youth Ministries and watch these amazing youth volunteers learn what it means to Serve Out Loud.

Serve Out Loud 2014 from Timberline Student Ministries on Vimeo.

SERVE 6.8 101

Flood Recovery 5

How much do you know about those red-shirted folks who show up all over town helping others? SERVE 6.8 101 is a new class designed to share the history, philosophy and vision of SERVE 6.8 so attendees can learn more and get connected to volunteer opportunities in our community.

Class attendees will learn about SERVE 6.8’s main goals:

  • To enhance the level of service provided by compassion organizations within Northern Colorado.
  • To create and maintain structures to mobilize and lead large numbers of volunteers in response to disasters and local needs.
  • To bridge the gap between faith-based organizations, foundations, local government, and local agencies through volunteerism and collaboration in order to best leverage the compassion resources that exist in our community.

SERVE 6.8 is committed to collaborating with organizations in Northern Colorado to help those:

  • Who are homeless or near homeless at The Murphy Center
  • Single parents, widows, adoptive families and those with disabilities through needed home repair
  • Those impacted by the flood through our Disaster Recovery Team.

Our next SERVE 6.8 101 Class will be Wednesday, April 2 at 6:30 in Room 212 at Timberline Church.  For more information about SERVE 6.8, visit serve68.org.

Colorado Gives Day – December 10, 2013

Colorado Gives Day

Did you know that Coloradoans donated over $15 million to non-profits in our state last year on Colorado Gives Day? Of that, $445,000 came from donors in Larimer County.

Both SERVE 6.8 and Finally Home Foundation are part of the 94 participating non-profit organizations this year. While Colorado Gives Day is officially December 10, 2013, you don’t have to wait. You can go online anytime and pre-schedule your gift. Credit card fees are waived on this great day of giving in Colorado.

To learn more about and/or donate to Finally Home Foundation, go to www.coloradogives.org/FinallyHomeFoundation. To learn more about and/or donate to SERVE 6.8, go to www.coloradogives.org/SERVE68. As an added benefit, all donations $500 or more to SERVE 6.8 are eligible for a 25% State Tax Credit (because the Murphy Center for Hope is in an Enterprise Zone.)

Help make an impact on the lives of those who live in our community by taking part in Colorado Gives Day.