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On October 21st Help Support the Sisneros Family’s Work in Guatemala


George and Vonda Sisneros, some of our Timberline Ambassadors,  are currently serving in Guatemala where over the past four and a half years they have been impacting the community of El Rosario one boy at a time. George is currently in Colorado raising money for an exciting new project and we’re inviting you to be part of the action…at the auction.

Where is it? Timberline Windsor, 60 E Crossroads Blvd, Windsor, Colorado 80550

What time? Friday October 21st. Doors open at 6:30 for dessert and coffee (no charge) and time to preview the silent auction items. At 7:00, George will give a short “State of the Ministry” address sharing about what God has done so far and about the need for a middle school and clinic. The Live Auction begins at 7:15 with a break from 7:45 to 8:00 when the paddle action resumes until 8:30.

What will the money be used for?  We have a Huge goal of raising $200,000 to build a middle school, clinic, and a missions home with guest rooms for short term teams.  There’s more information on the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1177107202351022/.


What’s up for bidding? A few of the highlights include a 1-hour massage; dental whitening; sports packages including a Fitbit watch, youth hockey package, yoga lessons, or even CSU, Eagles, or Bronco tickets; vacation packages including airfare, Breckenridge cabin, Estes Park condo, a week-long timeshare, or 4 ski passes; gas cards; shopping spree gift cards including iTunes and Amazon; date night dinner and movie gift cards; and food packages including grocery store gift cards, fresh meat, local honey, or even 1 dozen free range eggs per week for one year…delivered.

Do people need to RSVP or can they just show up? They can RSVP on our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1177107202351022/ 

What should attendees wear? Wear what’s comfortable!  

Any last thoughts? Everyone is invited… Spread the news & tell your friends! Vonda is truly sad she won’t be there to see everyone, but still hopes YOU can make it! 

And if anyone else is interested in supporting the ministry but is unable to attend on Friday night, how can they give?  The best way to give is at https://pushpay.com/pay/ordinarymissionaries  

Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Karlee Mulkey

Karlee 1

Karlee Mulkey started 2016 with a Guatemalan adventure. Here is Karlee’s story in her own words:

My trip to Guatemala was a life changing experience. There is no other way to put it! I came back changed, a better person. I was working in a children’s home, a church, and a feeding center. The whole trip was a whirlwind. I had a lot of ups and downs, God testing me in ways I could never imagine. He was stretching me to my limits, taking me as far as I could go. He taught me to have patience, to treat everyone with respect, and to love unconditionally.

Karlee 2

I saw most of this with the children in the home. Every single kid has a different story which affected them all differently. They came from homes and families that many people couldn’t believe were real. Even though these kids came from unspeakable lives, God is moving them in the home. Living there, they are given an opportunity to live the lives God created for them. Each one has the opportunity to go to school, to be loved by the people that take care of them, and the opportunity to learn about God. This was so moving for me, to see the life they could have had and now to see the life they are able to live.

Karlee 4

I met so many incredible people down there as well. Guatemalans have a faith like I have never seen. Everything the believers do is for God, everything that is given to them is from God, even when the world around them could knock them down easily. This encouraged me to live my life more for God, to know that everything comes from Him, in the good and the bad times.

I am back now. Within a week, God blessed me with two jobs, jobs of my dreams! I know these jobs are because of my faith and service for the kingdom, and God is blessing me. He is SO GOOD!

Karlee 3

I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to go to Guatemala, and I am hoping and planning to go back within a year. I miss everything about it, the country, the people, the church, the kids. I want to go back, and I know I made great relationships that will last a lifetime.

Introducing Timberline Ambassador Karlee Mulkey

Karlee Mulkey 1

Karlee Mulkey, age 22, graduated in December 2015 with a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Business Administration and Spanish. She had moved to Fort Collins in August 2012 and started attending Timberline in 2013. She said, “I have been interested in missions for as long as I can remember. I love to travel and so my interest in missions and helping people has affected what I want to do while I travel.”

She has just arrived in Guatemala City, Guatemala where she will be working with Pastor Araceli, helping out in whatever way she thinks, primarily in the children’s home for the next three months. During that time, Karlee hopes to impact the children and the people she works with in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of her own life with clear direction of what to do and where to go when she gets back to the States.

While she is gone, please pray for safety, wisdom to see what God has planned, courage to do whatever it takes to spread His love, and many opportunities to share with the people and children of Guatemala.

Willing Vessels – The Timberline Windsor Guatemala Trip Report

Windsor Guat 7

When thirty people commit themselves to making a difference, a lot can happen in the span of a week. Just ask the team from Timberline Windsor that recently returned from Guatemala. By dividing their time between multiple projects, they were able to impact the lives of orphans, single mothers, an older couple raising their grandsons, and countless others. In addition to the team from Windsor, there were also groups from Michigan and Kentucky with their own projects in the same area. The three teams were blessed to spend time together in worship, surrounded by others who had traveled so far and invested so much in order to serve the Lord. They also attended a local church service and were encouraged by the message and the prayer time.

Windsor Guat 2015 9

One main focus of the Windsor team was with Justin and Diane Herman, Timberline Ambassadors serving in Guatemala full time, at House of Hope where currently eight children, ages three weeks to eight years, are being lovingly cared for. In addition to precious time playing with the children after hearing their heartbreaking stories, the team painted a supply shed and another outbuilding, replaced dying plants, expanded the greenhouse, added raised garden beds, built a large chicken coop, and constructed a giant covered sandbox for the children to play in. Between the eggs and larger garden, the children will have a good food supply.


Windsor Guat 2015 11

Smaller groups from the team were able to spend time daily with George and Vonda Sisneros, more Timberline Ambassadors, and participate in their work building relationships in the village of El Rosario. One highlight was seeing their daughter Cecilia healthy and with a sparkle in her eyes again. Each day started with a trip to the local market to purchase groceries and deliver them to families the Sisneros’ are ministering to as well as spend time praying for them.

Team members were excited to tour the future permanent location for the Vencedor Boys Academy and play soccer with the local children. During the school days, they were able to compare the normal public school classes with George’s Boys Academy classroom where the boys listen attentively and memorize Bible verses in both English and Spanish. Near the end of the week, the team was able to travel to Lake Atitlan where some of the single mothers George has partnered with get their yarn for the handwoven scarves, blankets, shirts, and table runners that support their families.

Windsor Guat 2015 2

Two members of the team joined a nurse and doctor from Michigan to see people in the villages that the Hermans work in. Of the thirty patients treated the first day, most had GI infections and skin rashes due to the general lack of hygiene in the area. Medically, they were able to help those who were sick and over the next several days saw dozens more patients in the same village where other construction work took place.

Windsor Guat 2015 3

The final group split their time between building stoves and a house, when not otherwise engaging the local village children in a game of soccer or doing VBS activities with them. A few team members started out by building a stove for a family that had been cooking over an open fire and went on to build five more. In addition to cleaning up the air a family breathes, a stove uses 30% of the normal fuel requirement, allowing the family more time for other tasks like farming or paid jobs instead of gathering wood.

The remainder of the team began to build a house for an older couple who seemed to be raising their three grandsons in a shelter consisting of a single sheet of tin and plastic tarp walls. The grateful patriarch watched the entire process with a growing smile and took great care to keep the area clean. On their last day, the local pastor led a house dedication service before the family could move in.

Windsor Guat 2015 5

As one team member said, “This has been such an amazing week. We came down with so many plans and goals, but we have received way more than we have given. The people of Guatemala have such a love for God. No matter what you do for them, they recognize that it is God that is providing to them and we are simply a vessel to provide it. It was my absolute pleasure to be able to come to Guatemala and represent Timberline Church. Thank you so much for having the faith in our team to allow us to do this.”


Team Heading to Guatemala


This Friday, June 12th, a 30-person team from Timberline Windsor will be heading to Guatemala for a weeklong missions trip.  While there, they will be working with the Herman and Sisneros families, both of whom are originally from Windsor and part of the Timberline family.  During their 7 days in Guatemala, the team will be helping the Hermans to build a home, constructing a chicken coop and eco-stoves as well as assisting at their new orphanage, House of Hope.  The team will also be spending time with The Sisneros’ in El Rosario, visiting the Boys Academy and the single moms they work with.

While they are gone, please pray for health and safety, but most importantly, please pray that their work will open doors to bring God’s word to more people and enhance the work that our missionary partners are already doing there on a regular basis.

Welcome Home Timberline Ambassadors The Duus Family

Duus family kids at park

This past summer the Duus family–Erlan, Nancy, and 14-year-old twins Evan and Ethan–invested their lives alongside Pastor Araceli in Guatemala City and discovered that their work on behalf of the orphaned children and the “Grannies” yielded a harvest of love.

On their second day in the country, the orphanage (Jesucristo es mi Casa) received a baby less than three weeks old who had been abandoned in a bar by his drunken mother. His story is not uncommon and this precious child was quickly smothered with love. The next day, they took all the children to a park with a playground and ice cream kiosk. As the days flew by, Evan and Ethan played non-stop with the children surrounded by the background noise of barking dogs and screaming parakeets. The boys also worked to make the concrete and exposed metal bar environment safer and learned how to weld in the process.

Duus family Doctor D stitches

One day, one of the little girls gashed the back of her head. The staff had Doctor “D” look at it and when he said she needed stitches, they invited him along for the ride. To his surprise, the van stopped in front of a dentist’s office and everyone piled out. Pastor Araceli shared that in the past they go to the dentist who uses the drugs he has and dental stitches to help the children. To his further surprise, the dentist asked Doctor Duus to do the stitching … and so he did! On a related note, it was difficult to see all of the children severely infested with lice and Erlan spent time working with the staff on other medical protocols and tips to care for both the children and the elderly ladies.

Duus family senior ladies

One of Nancy’s main investments was with the women of Jesucristo es mi Refugio. They spent a month and a half working together on beautiful craft items like the sachets of potpourri found in boutique stores in the United States. They bought a sewing machine and took great pride in their increasing skill.

As they adjusted to the culture, there were many surprises including seeing five people on a single motorcycle, three people hanging onto the outside of a car, a woman in the market with three-foot basket on her head, and armed guards on almost every corner. Every day, they made a run to the supermarket to pick up huge sacks of discarded fruits and vegetables and salvaged bags of strawberries for the freezer and future smoothies. As if these adventures weren’t enough, they experienced a 7.1 earthquake. As Nancy wrote in an update, “Never a dull moment!”

Duus family children playing

Nancy was surprised at how close she was to those she met and how they became a family in such a short period of time. She was continually amazed at how little the Guatemalans have and yet their ability to make something–even incredible soup–from nothing. But most importantly, they were encouraged by how often everyone prayed for them. On a larger level, they discovered how the Guatemalan people constantly hug and love and accept others exactly as they are. So, the Duus family left Guatemala full of love from their shared times in prayer, devotions, at church, but mostly working, eating, and playing together as part of a larger family in God.

Duus family with baby

What now? The Duus family is adjusting back to life in the United States with a fresh perspective about material blessings while simple things like seeing strawberries or cilantro at the store trigger a wealth of precious memories.

Building A Community Center – The Guatemala Construction Trip Report

Guatemala construction 2014 1

A community can be defined as a group of people living in the same locality or a group of people having common interests. Community is also a way of relating to other persons as brothers or sisters who share a common origin, a common dignity, and a common destiny. All of these apply to the six-member team who just returned from a construction trip to Guatemala.

Their journey to Guatemala forged a close-knit group who in turn labored in the community of Playa Dorado to build a multi-purpose community center. While accumulating sweat, scrapes, and sunburns, the team was closely observed by the locals, fed by a group of gracious women, and welcomed by Pastor Julio’s vibrant congregation as they built a community center made of more than concrete blocks, rebar, and cement.

guatemala construction 2014 food

Over the course of a week, they transformed an empty lot into a two-story building. The site once cleared for their work was soon littered with rocks, wire, rebar, empty cement bags, and a vast array of tools. The seemingly-small floor space consumed the construction materials, especially since it was all hand carried over uneven terrain! But seeing their progress as the building took shape brought great satisfaction.

After laboring for hours in the extremely hot sun and humidity, the team found shade to rest and just enough energy to make it to the table for another delicious meal prepared by others who spent hours sweating in a kitchen. The hospitality offered throughout their trip included beef, chicken, rice, beans, fresh corn tortillas, fried plantains, fresh pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, Hibiscus juice, … and of course delicious Guatemalan coffee so close to the source.

Guatemala construction 2014 volcano

The team was also refreshed by scenic views at first reminiscent of Colorado mountains and a drive to Estes Park. The lush landscapes included Lake Isabel, country roads, walls of trees, and the picturesque backdrop of dormant volcanoes. Other sights were surreal like spotting the surviving hens waltzing through the kitchen while chicken was being prepared for dinner or the sight of dogs, cats, pigs, horses, chickens, and a cow meandering freely while the sounds of Spanish television filled the air.

As team member Sandy Stansbury wrote on behalf of the team: “These amazing days have presented so many learning opportunities; some simply on perspective and habits, some on gratefulness. While we will all be leaving with similar memories, we will be moving forward on different paths with a new (or renewed) mindset of what is important in life … The music, the clothes, and the food will all change — but no matter where we are in the world, or where we have been, it’s important to stay focused on what is the core meaning in life.”