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Front Range Freedom Tour 2016 – Trip Report

FRFT 16 - 1

(Contributed by Rich Dixon)

FRONT RANGE FREEDOM TOUR 2016 looked a lot like a bike tour. We had 18-person team of cyclists and support personnel. We wore bright orange and blue cycling jerseys. Our riders cycled 500 miles and climbed 14,000 feet along Colorado’s Front Range from Cheyenne to Raton Pass.

A closer look at our jersey would reveal phrases that distinguish the FREEDOM TOUR from an ordinary bike tour: Heart of the Father. Light in Dark Places. Journey for Freedom & Justice. Hope Starts Here. Stop Human Trafficking. Hope Changes What’s Possible.

The FREEDOM TOUR is a mission trip. We cycle to bring hope and freedom to kids rescued from human trafficking. We do this crazy thing to support 22 kids at the HOME OF HOPE in New Delhi and to increase awareness about the horrible crime of human trafficking.

FRFT 16 - 3

We ride bikes, but our impact comes from opportunities to share our story with individuals and groups along the route. We measure success in things like lifelong friendships established, hearts impacted, church partnerships formed, laughter generated. And more than $40,000 contributed so far by hundreds of incredibly generous individuals and sponsors to support those 22 kids.

When I’m asked for my favorite memory of the tour, it’s always about people rather than events. Whether Welcoming New Friends from Colorado Springs or speaking to old friends at Praise Assembly Church in Pueblo, connecting with the folks God’s placed in our path is always the most rewarding, energizing aspect of the week.

FRFT 16 - 2

We’re reflecting and telling more stories on our blog. Check out an inspiring tale of headwinds and teamwork (Pneuma Or Hot Air?) and the night We Talked About Justice. Please follow along (http://richsride.org/blog/) and join the conversation.

The journey continues because the need continues. We’re already planning for 2017, but our 22 kids need your support all year. You can contribute or make an ongoing donation on our website to help these children receive the Christian education, counseling, and holistic care that will help them become the strong young men and women God created them to be.

Join the journey in your own neighborhood by purchasing the Front Range FREEDOM TOUR cycle jersey. Purchase one for yourself or as a gift for a cyclist friend/family member. They’re great conversation starters on the bike trail, and proceeds support the HOME OF HOPE. You too can be part of the story!

Web: http://www.frontrangefreedomtour.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frontrangefreedomtour/

Front Range Freedom Tour 2016 Is About to Start


Suppose you could bring hope and freedom to victims of exploitation by riding your bike … or by supporting a great team of people who do. What could be better than that?

While nearly 60 cyclists participated in last Saturday’s Prologue ride, the main event–Front Range Freedom Tour 2016–is just around the corner, starting on Friday June 17th. Front Range Freedom Tour partners with Rescue: Freedom International to support the kids at the Home of Hope in New Delhi, India. The Home of Hope serves children who have been rescued from the forced sex trade. They provide housing, food, clothing, aftercare, and education in a safe, nurturing environment.

Along the 500-mile cycling tour between Cheyenne and Raton Pass, the twenty riders participating in this year’s Front Range Freedom Tour will also make stops to raise awareness and funds to combat human trafficking. Please consider joining the team through your prayers and/or donations.

Discover more information at: http://richsride.org/frontrangefreedomtour

Follow the team as they ride: http://richsride.org/blog/

Ride Your Bike For A Great Cause

richs Ride 2016 1

Front Range Freedom Tour

June 17-26, 2016

Suppose YOU could bring hope and freedom to victims of exploitation by riding your bike through beautiful country with a team of great people.

If you can imagine that, or even if you would like to encourage someone who can imagine that, then you might be interested in the Front Range Freedom Tour, coordinated by Becky and Rich Dixon.

Front Range Freedom Tour is a community of cycling friends who will embark on an epic 500-mile expedition from Wyoming to New Mexico June 17-26, 2016. Proceeds from the journey support the Home of Hope in New Delhi, India. The Home of Hope serves children who have been rescued from the forced sex trade.

There are a number of ways to get involved.

If you are interested in being a Freedom Tour cyclist, Pre-registration for the ride ends Sunday, May 1, 2016. Sign up at: http://richsride.org/front-range-tour-application/

You can also support the cause in the following ways:

Follow the Freedom tour on Facebook:

Hope Changes What’s Possible – The 2015 Freedom Tour Report

Richs Ride 2015 2

It was a beautiful sight. A long line of green-and-blue clad riders streaming along a scenic country road, tires whirring and gears clicking for 500 miles. Even more beautiful was the reason they rode.

Richs Ride 2015 1

Beyond raising money and awareness for the Home of Hope in New Dehli, India in cooperation with the U COUNT Campaign, these riders desired to point even higher to the Hope that comes from faith in God’s promises.

Because HOPE changes what’s possible.

Richs Ride 2015 3

Read more about their adventures through Colorado including flat tires, a flooded path, and a whole lot of fun at www.richsride.org/blog.

Team Heading Out for the Front Range Freedom Tour


On Friday, June 19, a team of riders along with a “support and gear” crew will be heading out from Cheyenne, Wyoming for a weeklong bike ride across the state  of  Colorado before ending on Raton Pass on the New Mexico border. In partnership with U COUNT Campaign, the goal is to raise awareness and  funding for Project Rescue’s Home of Hope in New Dehli, India that serves children rescued from the sex trade.

While they are gone, please pray for their physical safety on the roads, health, protection from injury, good weather, and many opportunities to share with others about the issues of human trafficking and the mission of Project Rescue. You can follow along with Front Range Freedom Tour updates at http://richsride.org/blog.