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SERVE 6.8 – Flood Recovery Efforts

Serve68 flood 1

Less than a month ago, heavy rains fell in northern Colorado and flooded cities and homes in epic proportions. In the middle of the storm, Timberline Church opened it’s doors to house an Emergency Evacuation Center.

Over the course of nine days, the Red Cross/SERVE 6.8 Northern Colorado Emergency Evacuation Center:

  • Processed over 1,100 evacuees in the shelter and over 500 pets!
  • Because all helicopter evacuees came to Timberline, was part of the largest aerial rescue operation in this country since Hurricane Katrina
  • Deployed 2,200 volunteers who served over 11,000 hours
  • Received tractor trailer shipments from Convoy of Hope, World Vision, Matthew 25, Gleaning International, and CitiImpact bringing much needed relief and recovery supplies.

As the flood waters receded and roads reopened, relief efforts including emergency shelters and disaster relief resource centers began shifting their focus to long term flood recovery. SERVE 6.8 continues to have a vital role throughout the region with The Murphy Center For Hope as the central hub of services for those still needing assistance.

Serve68 flood 2

SERVE 6.8 is also busy deploying teams of volunteers to perform clean-up and restoration work all over Larimer and Weld County. Daily work crews leave the south side of Timberline Church and protective clothing is provided. Go to www.serve68.org and the Flood Relief page to volunteer for a clean-up team or to provide administrative support.

Financial donations are being accepted through the Community Funded Crowdfunding page at www.c-fund.us/S68. While there, visit the updates tab to see where the money is being spent. You can also read more stories at SERVE 6.8’s new blog at www.serve68.blogspot.com.

Flood Relief 2013 – SERVE 6.8 Hosts an Emergency Evacuation Center

Red Cross shelter 4

As the Poudre River rose, washed over streets, and flooded neighborhoods, SERVE 6.8 partnered with the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Larimer County Sheriff’s Department to host an emergency evacuation center at Timberline Church and provide immediate relief to the hundreds of people displaced by the flood.

As of Saturday evening, over 300 affected members of the community had already been served including 80 people who had been evacuated from Catholic Charities and others arriving by bus and helicopter. As the guests arrived, they were greeted by volunteers to help carry any boxes or bags they had with them. Once inside, they were provided food, showers, first aid, counseling, and clothing in addition to cots and blankets. Even the pets were fed, watered, and walked while their owners took care of business.

Red Cross shelter 1

As one volunteer reported, the evacuees arrived shaken by what they had seen. Two women she talked to had been airlifted from Drake and were very thankful for all of the help and so very appreciative of the many wonderful neighbors they didn’t even know they had.

The evacuees weren’t the only ones pouring in, since over 250 volunteers also arrived individually and in groups. Many people brought in diapers, toiletries and other items while community businesses stepped in to help. For example, Stuft Burger came to feed everyone while the Fort Collins Club washed blankets. The evacuation center is still accepting volunteers and donations.

Red Cross shelter 2

How can you help?
1. Give your time and sign up to volunteer – go to www.timberlinechurch.org and click on the link to sign up for a shift since the shelter in the East Auditorium will be open through Tuesday, September 17, at 6:00 p.m.

2. Make a donation – In addition to meeting the immediate needs of food, shelter, and clothing, SERVE 6.8 is preparing to lead Northern Colorado in the long-term relief efforts of clean up and rebuilding. The cost to cover expenses for both immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts is estimated to be over $165,000. SERVE 6.8 has set up a fund through Community Funded and your financial support would be a huge blessing to help those in need.

3. Spread the word – Share this story and links with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email using the easy links at the end of this blog post.

(SERVE 6.8 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to share God’s love in tangible ways in Northern Colorado with no strings attached.)