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Learn More about Finally Home Foundation Over Breakfast

Finally Home logoEquipping communities to rally around the heroes who are foster and adoptive families.

Finally Home Foundation is a post-placement support agency focused on supporting the WHOLE family through their Family Strengthening Events. They have three family strengthening events a year. This is a time where parents can be encouraged in their relationships, while gaining specialized tools for parenting and introduced to other parents in a similar journey. While the parents are engaged in practical, research based curriculum, their kids participate in children and youth programs (Super Hero Academy and Teen Titans). There they build friendships and learn how to find their “inPOWers” of strong character traits like kindness, integrity, and honesty.

Finally Home children program

This year’s Annual Breakfast’s theme is the WHOLE story, because at Finally Home, they walk with foster/adoptive and kinship families through multiple parts of their story. They believe the WHOLE story is important and that one chapter does not define a family’s story. As families are choosing to love every day, Finally Home wants to encourage and support those families in every chapter.

While the Annual Breakfast is a fundraiser, it is also a time for people in the community to hear the vision of Finally Home Foundation while enjoying a complimentary breakfast. This year’s event will be held Thursday, November 19 from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m. at the Hilton Hotel in Fort Collins. For more information, contact alexa@finallyhomefoundation.net or click on this link http://goo.gl/forms/pe2oAbHPHq to register, sponsor a table, or make a donation.

Here are what two attendees have had to say about their past experiences with Finally Home events:

“Finally Home offers support, sometimes when you don’t even know you need it. I always leave a workshop feeling energized and excited to implement what I have learned. I know my family has greatly benefitted from our connection with Finally Home.”

“How can I thank you for these wonderful events. I look forward every year to our 2 yearly sessions as a longed-for break, resources, and breath. I’m so blessed each time! Thanks so much for everything, the setting, the teachings, the sharing, the children’s care and program, the super lunch, the prayer of the team for us, and the energizing witnesses.”

Finally Home Foundation Is Growing Their Reach

Finally Home Foundation volunteers 2014

While May is officially National Foster Care month, Finally Home Foundation cares for foster and adoptive families year-round and the opportunities are growing. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. Co-founder Kristin Orphan is rewriting the Family Wellness Curriculum to make it specific to foster and adoptive families and hopes to have that finished this fall. They are professionalizing their model for Family Wellness Events so they can train leaders and churches around the country to run these events.
  2. They added a Teen Titans program to the family events so that families can now come with children of all ages. In addition to a field trip and going out to lunch, the teens are poured into by awesome leaders and role models.
  3. Finally Home also gained two part-time employees this year and started a blog. Read more at FinallyHomeFoundation.blogspot.com.

Finally Home Foundation fun 2014

How can you get involved? First, join them in prayer, help spread awareness, and learn more about their mission to support and encourage foster families at www.FinallyHomeFoundation.net. As  Finally Home Foundation continues to grow, funding is always important so consider making a donation through their website.

Second, their Family Wellness Events rely heavily on volunteers to help set up, prepare lunch, run the children’s program, and clean up. While two of this year’s scheduled events for Northern Colorado have already happened, the next Family Wellness Event is on September 13th. If you are interested in volunteering, contact them at info@finallyhomefoundation.net.

Serve Out Loud 2014

Serve Out Loud 2014 Group
On Saturday, April 26th, 95 teenagers discovered that working together can be fun … and make a huge impact on the community. As part of the annual Serve Out Loud event, the goal was to partner with and support local ministries, give teens the opportunity to serve, and hopefully spark an ongoing attitude of service as individuals or small groups.

One area of emphasis was filling and stacking sandbags at the Budweiser Event Center. After the flood last fall and higher-than-normal snowpack levels, local officials have asked SERVE 6.8 to spearhead sandbagging efforts prior to the anticipated spring runoff from the mountains. By the end of the day, they had filled 19 pallets with about 1500 sandbags!

Serve Out Loud 2014 Sandbags 2

Another group of Middle Schoolers focused their efforts at The Murphy Center where they did deep spring cleaning, area clean up, dug the beds for the new community gardens, and created a footpath through the garden. Pastor Tim said the ground was super hard but the kids did great work.

Serve Out Loud 2014 yardwork

The last group of volunteers spread out with Finally Home Foundation to serve local foster families. Some painted fences, did yard work, or cleaned while others assembled a play structure. One family couldn’t stop thanking the team saying, “There is no way we could have done this without you … You are a Godsend. We are so blessed.”

Serve Out Loud 2014 playground

Want to see more? Check out this video from Timberline Youth Ministries and watch these amazing youth volunteers learn what it means to Serve Out Loud.

Serve Out Loud 2014 from Timberline Student Ministries on Vimeo.

Colorado Gives Day – December 10, 2013

Colorado Gives Day

Did you know that Coloradoans donated over $15 million to non-profits in our state last year on Colorado Gives Day? Of that, $445,000 came from donors in Larimer County.

Both SERVE 6.8 and Finally Home Foundation are part of the 94 participating non-profit organizations this year. While Colorado Gives Day is officially December 10, 2013, you don’t have to wait. You can go online anytime and pre-schedule your gift. Credit card fees are waived on this great day of giving in Colorado.

To learn more about and/or donate to Finally Home Foundation, go to www.coloradogives.org/FinallyHomeFoundation. To learn more about and/or donate to SERVE 6.8, go to www.coloradogives.org/SERVE68. As an added benefit, all donations $500 or more to SERVE 6.8 are eligible for a 25% State Tax Credit (because the Murphy Center for Hope is in an Enterprise Zone.)

Help make an impact on the lives of those who live in our community by taking part in Colorado Gives Day.

Finally Home Foundation – Supporting Family Wellness

Finally Home Foundation logo

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. ~ James 1:27

While not everyone is called to the sacrifice required when bringing a wounded child into the home, everyone can participate in this “pure religion” by lending a helping hand to those who do. The mission of Finally Home Foundation is to equip communities to rally around the heroes who are adoptive and foster parents.

The older a child is when they enter the home, typically the more complex their problems. Parents walking this difficult road can rapidly grow distant and isolated from both friends and family. Isolation, along with the magnitude of the challenges, inevitably puts pressure on their marriage – and a healthy marriage is essential to the healing these children so desperately need, and so fiercely resist.

While the foster system offers many tools for assisting the children (including case management, educational classes, medication, and psychological assessments), they offer little or nothing for the couple. It is even more challenging for foreign-adoptive and private-adoption parents who quickly find themselves completely on their own.

Finally Home was formed in 2008 around the passion of two families who are foster and foreign-adoptive parents respectively. Fueled by a desire to help parents overcome the unforeseen challenges and provide a loving home for a wounded child, their top priority is to strengthen the most vulnerable link – the marriage. Whether foster, foreign, or private adoption, they discovered three areas of consistent need for parents:

1. THE COUPLE – Provide marriage and family tools and encouragement

2. A BREAK – Offer time to learn together as a couple, with the security of knowing there is vigilant, constructive, and affirmative childcare provided

3. RESOURCES – Form local foster and adoptive relationships and communities through networking, the discovery that “We are not alone,” access to an expanding base of resources, and follow-up care.

Seeking to meet the needs of these heroic families, Finally Home set out to develop an effective resource for adoptive families that could be duplicated and eventually rolled out nationally. They are currently in the states of California and Colorado. You can watch their mission summary video at http://finallyhomefoundation.net/new-to-us/mission-summary-video/

(Many thanks to Kristin Orphan for sharing the heart of Finally Home.)

Adopted – Hello, My Name Is


Timberline’s Orphan Care ministry, Welcome Child, has been around for seven years with the vision to love the fatherless as the Father has loved us. They seek to share God’s heart for orphans in our church, our community, and around the world in a variety of ways.

Welcome Child’s ministry includes:

  • Training and equipping foster and adoptive families in Larimer and Weld Counties.
  • Hosting a support group for adoptive and foster care parents.
  • Partnering with Pastor Aracelli to care for orphans at Jesucristo es Mi Casa in Guatemala City
  • Annually collecting and providing filled backpacks to Larimer County Human Services so kids entering the foster care system have school supplies
  • Providing cozy hand-crafted blankets for children entering the foster care system through Blessed Blankets
  • Being a driving force behind the annual Run For Orphans to raise funds and awareness for orphan care initiatives in our community. (see http://www.runororphansrace.org)
  • Equipping other churches to do similar outreach.

On November 9 and 10, Timberline Church will celebrate their sixth Orphan Care emphasis weekend. This year’s theme is “Hello, My Name Is” and is inspired by a song by Matthew West. Why? Because the fact remains that we are all adopted into God’s Kingdom and have a new name as a result. Because we have been adopted into God’s family, we are then able to love the fatherless as the Father loves us.  As God said, “Don’t be afraid, for I will protect you. I call you by name, you are mine.”  (Isaiah 43:1)

Mark your calendars and come expecting to be inspired and challenged. After the service, stop by and visit our guests at tables in the mall to find out more about different opportunities to minister to orphans and support those who care for them.

Hillcrest’s New Horses

Today two mares, Belle and Amber, leave snowy Colorado on their way to Arkansas and a home among new friends.

Their journey really began last summer when a team from Timberline Church went to serve at the Hillcrest Children’s Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a private Christian residential childcare facility for abused and neglected children. Team members discovered that while there were several ponies and goats on the property, the children were not engaged with the animals because they couldn’t ride them.


The seed of an idea was planted and passed along to the Finally Home Foundation, a ministry partner of Timberline Church. Since part of Finally Home Foundation’s mission is to support foster and adoptive families and help hurting kids, they wanted to be part of blessing the kids at Hillcrest Children’s Home by providing them new friends.

Kristin Orphan, their Director, explains more about how interacting with horses helps traumatized kids learn to develop healthy relationships.

After a search lasting several months, two mares (named Belle and Amber) have been donated along with all of the necessary tack including child-sized and adult saddles. The next question was how to get the horses from Colorado to Arkansas. Then an equine transport company offered to feed, water, exercise, and transport the horses almost 1000 miles for the price of fuel. So, Belle and Amber got their health documents from the vet and are ready to leave this afternoon.


In the meantime, Hillcrest Children’s Home has already sold their ponies and goats to prepare a place for their new horses who should arrive sometime in the next few days.


If you are connected to the story on Facebook or Twitter, expect to follow Belle and Amber on their journey east to meet their new friends. Later this summer, another short-term trip to Hillcrest Children’s Home will be able to see the new friendships in action.