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Team Heading to El Salvador

latrine el salvador

A 29 member team (23 students/6 adults) from Timberline Church will be leaving for El Salvador on July 5th. Over the next 7 days, they will be building latrines with the local church through a partnership with ENLACE, presenting (at the invitation of the school principal) a skit and song at the public school where previous Timberline student teams built a retaining wall, playing games and interacting with the school children and staff, and going on in-home visits with the Salem church volunteers offering food, companionship and prayers for the sick and disabled.

The 65 latrines the students have raised funds to build will benefit an estimated 325 people living in El Carmen, reducing diarrhea prevalence by 25%, diarrhea morbidity by 35% and infant mortality by 33%.

While they are gone, please pray for:

  • Team unity, openness to God’s plan for this trip, and health for the team as they enter into areas of poor sanitation.
  • The local church and their impact into their community for Jesus.
  • Openness in the hearts of the community members they will be working with to see the reason they are being served is out of a servant heart’s love for Jesus.
  • Openness of the team’s hearts to learn and grow in the ways God has planned for each individual.

Learn more and get blog updates while they are gone at www.tsmelsalvador.org.


Building Hope in El Salvador – 2013 Trip Report

El Salvador 2013 6

After long hours of travel, the Timberline missions teams were warmly welcomed by the church in El Espino, El Salvador. The group stayed in the country’s capital, San Salvador, but worked with families in El Espino and La Labor. The bus rides were long, but the beautiful green and volcanic landscapes fueled entertaining and exciting conversations. The journey over the week was filled with laughter, challenges, joy and hope. The teams worked with an organization called Enlace, which means “to link.” Enlace’s goal is to link churches in America with churches in El Salvador, then help them to serve their community.

On Sunday, the teams worshiped with Pastor Santos and his congregation in El Espino. Although there was a language barrier, it did not stop the love that was shared and the relationships that were formed. The youth team taught the Sunday School leaders some games to help engage the kids in learning about the love of Jesus. They also taught the leaders some actions to a Spanish/English worship song, “Trading My Sorrows/Cambiaré Mi Tristeza.” Seeing the congregation worship together emphasized the importance of having the teams in El Salvador. They brought hope to the community.

el salvador 2013 27

In just four days, the youth team tackled the overwhelming challenge of building 20 EcoStoves in La Labor. Until now, families have been using open, wood-burning fires, which cause many respiratory diseases in addition to harming the environment. The EcoStoves provide a safer, cheaper and more effective way for families to cook. The youth team had a fantastic time building the EcoStoves, using their feet to mix the cement. The cement even contained a secret ingredient–molasses! They used molasses to protect the bricks on the outside of the stove. It was such a blessing to be a part of something that will change the lives of Salvadorian families. One lady had a huge smile on her face and could not wait to light the first fire on her new stove. By the end of the day, they were exhausted, covered in dirt, but feeling satisfied about each day’s work.

Meanwhile, the adult team kept extremely busy at the clinic, serving over 450 patients through the week. Not one person was turned away and the team was able to meet the needs of every patient. Many kids had developmental disabilities and it was amazing to witness how their families met their needs with limited resources. When the teams met to make house visits in the afternoon, it was eye opening to see how strong the families were and how they shared unconditional love for each other. Each day was challenging and filled with incredible experiences.

El Salvador 2013 2

Both the adult and youth teams met at a rural school where the team started building a wall two years ago. It was exciting to see the wall completed and being used to benefit the school. Both teams spent time playing games and worshipping with the smiling kids. The kids were very welcoming and loving and it emphasized the importance the teams of being in El Salvador.

The youth team received a banner from the school in honor of the work they have done. The plan is to display the heartfelt gift in the youth office of Timberline Church. There was a wonderful dedication of the project at the church in El Espino. The pastors spoke about the very exciting new relationship formed between the churches in El Espino and La Labor. After the dedication, they enjoyed a celebratory dinner of pupusas, which was a great opportunity to share in praise with the local church members.

El Salvador 2013 12


It was a very emotional and exciting week for both teams. The last day was planned as a fun day at the beach. It also was a day to mull over what they have learned over the week before heading for home. They asked the question, “What do we do with our heightened relationship with Jesus once we return?” They learned that we serve a truly amazing God who will provide no matter what. It’s important to always trust in Him. After a fun day of walking through the warm volcanic sand and splashing through the waves, it was time for the team to go home. Everyone arrived safely at home very early Sunday morning. The teams would like to thank you so much for your prayers and support over the week. It’s exciting to see how the Holy Spirit will change the lives and bring hope to the people of El Salvador.

Read more and watch the daily videos from the youth team at www.elsalvadortym.blogspot.com.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)

Divine Partnerships

Why does Timberline Church keep sending short-term missions teams to the same countries over and over? Because over the years we have developed strong partnerships with other ministries already operating within those countries and are able to come alongside and support their work.

One prime example of these partnerships is evidenced in Guatemala. In addition to outreach around Guatemala City, medical teams have reached hundreds of needy people in outlying areas. In 2013, we are sending three teams to Guatemala. See the LoveReaches website for trip dates and links to more information.


Similar relationships are being developed in Dubuisson, Haiti. Our initial contacts with the Son of God Orphanage transitioned into a partnership with One Child Matters, formerly Mission of Mercy. Teams have traveled to Haiti to build relationships, help with construction projects , and discover what it means to live in poverty. In addition to sending teams, we actively recruit child sponsors to financially support and pray for these precious children by name. Our ultimate goal is 300 sponsorships to provide schooling, food, and basic medical care. (Click on the One Child Matters graphic on the LoveReaches website to see the children still needing a sponsor!) We are strategically working with other churches to partner with us in this community. Consider joining one of the three trips to Haiti this year.


Our partnership with ENLACE in El Salvador actually began when Pastor Mark Orphan went to college with Ron Bueno, the founder of ENLACE and a special guest during this year’s Missions Celebration. Timberline’s first team went to El Salvador in 2010 and the youth have been active in keeping this relationship growing. ENLACE’s vision is to come alongside and equip local churches to help alleviate poverty in their communities. They are currently working with 60 churches in El Salvador. Teams from Timberline Church work with the church communities on projects, in the schools, and through medical teams. During this year’s trip in July, the youth will focus on building eco-stoves while the adults will focus on providing needed medical care.

Rather than trying to capture the corner on the market or reinvent the wheel, different parts of the Body of Christ in Fort Collins, Guatemala, Haiti, and El Salvador are working together to change lives around the world. Now that’s a divine partnership.