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Which One Day of Yours will Help Feed the World?

One Day 2016 logo

This coming weekend, August 27th and 28th, Timberline Church will be collecting a special offering during every service. The intent is for each person to plan now to set aside and give one day of their annual wages in order to serve the most vulnerable people in our community and around the world. After doing the math, many also circle one day on the calendar to represent the day they are working to help others.

Proceeds from the One Day to Feed the World offering will be primarily given to Convoy of Hope with some funds reserved to meet needs in our local community. In addition to feeding programs and agricultural training in impoverished nations, Convoy of Hope also mobilizes from warehouses around the world in times of disaster like the recent Louisiana floods. Thanks to past generosity in offerings just like this one, Timberline Church was already helping to provide affected families with food, water, cleaning supplies, and hygiene kits before sending a physical team of our own yesterday.

Plan now to give this weekend or go online to www.timberlinechurch.org and click on “Give” at the top of the webpage if you’d rather give electronically or will be out of town.

Because our “One Day” transforms their every day, which “One Day” of yours will help feed the world?

Your One Day Changes Their Every Day

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How much do you earn in a day? What if you donated your one day’s wages to help feed the world? How many lives would be changed as a result?

That’s the premise behind the One Day To Feed the World offering during weekend services on August 24 and 25. The proceeds will be divided between The Murphy Center For Hope here in Fort Collins and Convoy of Hope.

How do these organizations feed people? The Murphy Center serves as a day shelter and provides breakfast for numerous clients every day while Convoy of Hope’s national and international disaster relief and children’s feeding programs impact thousands. Find out more at http://ConvoyofHope.org and http://murphycenterforhope.org.

Let’s give together to be God’s hands and feet here and around the world — because your one day changes their every day.

Responding to the Oklahoma Tornado

moore oklahoma damage
Many have asked how Timberline Church is responding to the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma and other areas. The easy answer is that we have already responded to these types of emergencies in advance through our participation in One Day to Feed The World. Your financial contributions have helped position Convoy of Hope to be on site.

Here’s what Convoy of Hope emailed on Tuesday morning:

“Yesterday afternoon, immediately after devastating tornadoes struck Moore, Okla., a Convoy of Hope assessment team was in the area and our tractor-trailers were being loaded with emergency supplies at our World Distribution Center in Springfield, Missouri.

Earlier this morning those tractor-trailers and specially-trained, disaster response team members departed for Moore. This is only the first phase of a full-scale response that will last for many weeks, if not months. In the coming days we will send more food, water and supplies to help families begin rebuilding their lives.”

How can you help? Pray for the families whose lives have been turned upside down. Financial donations can be put in the offering at Timberline Church with a note on the memo line or sent to Convoy of Hope at www.ConvoyOfHope.org. For those interested and available in physically volunteering, contact Samaritan’s Purse at www.samaritanspurse.org.

Florida Hope Tour 2013

training-ride-300x300January is perfect weather for a bike ride … if you’re in Florida. That’s just one reason Timberline Church member Rich Dixon is headed south in a few weeks.

The other reasons are another chapter in a story that began in 1987 when this math teacher fell from his roof while hanging Christmas lights. Paralyzed from the chest down, Rich eventually discovered that limitations are mostly self-imposed. Along the way, he also discovered hope. Then God turned a personal dream into a chance to inspire, share hope, and give others the opportunity to see faith in action.

In September, 2011, Rich set out on an eight-week, 1500-mile handcycle trip along the Mississippi River. He spoke to 4000 people in 26 venues and raised nearly $60,000 for the children’s nutrition initiative of Convoy of Hope. In July, 2012, he joined 25 able-bodied cyclists as part of the 500-mile IJM Freedom Tour, helping to raise more than $30,000 to combat human trafficking and modern day slavery through the work of International Justice Mission.

florida hope tour

On January 28th, Rich is scheduled to start the Florida Hope Tour 2013, a five-week, 1000-mile trip around the perimeter of the Sunshine State in partnership with Convoy of Hope. His three-fold mission is to demonstrate that it’s possible to overcome adversity and accomplish big dreams, to speak to a variety of audiences with a message of hope and God’s faithfulness, and to raise funds and awareness for worthy humanitarian causes.

How can you help support Rich’s Ride? First, pray for his health and safety, for receptive audiences, and open doors along the way. Second, visit www.RichsRide.org and sign up to receive email progress updates. Third, while there, consider sponsoring a leg of the journey to cover their on-the-road expenses or make a donation to Convoy of Hope. Or last, take Rich up on his challenge to do a thousand of something as he rides a thousand miles. (Sit-ups, push-ups, minutes on a treadmill, minutes spent volunteering somewhere, or pennies dropped into a jar – it all adds up!)

It’s just one small way to join Rich’s Ride as he spreads hope in Florida.

Sharing Hope

On Saturday, August 25, Convoy of Hope came to Fort Collins to serve the city by meeting the immediate, tangible needs of the people. Sharing Hope was a day that brought together over thirty local churches to serve by providing food, health services, and general assistance to those in need.

Volunteers and church members from churches in the Fort Collins Church Network came together to assist and serve a community. Sharing Hope provided health services, food needs, housing and job assistance, free haircuts, family portraits, and meals and childcare during the day.

Convoy of Hope

There were 1,296 volunteers serving at Sharing Hope. They came from 34 local churches. During the day, Sharing Hope served 3,581 guests.

The health services were provided by 40 participating organizations. The National Breast Cancer Foundation provided coupons to women for free mammograms at McKee Medical Center. McKee Medical Center made a commitment to stay with any patient who required medical needs following the mammogram.

In addition, free haircuts and family portraits were provided. Professional photographers provided 500 families with an 8×10 family portrait.

Prayer in the Connection Tent

Beyond meeting the physical needs of guests, Sharing Hope met the relational needs of the community. The Connection tent provided guests with the opportunity to pray with someone. This tent allowed volunteers to sit, talk, listen and pray with any guest who wanted prayer. The volunteers also connected guests to churches if they were interested in attending. The day ended with 19 adult dedications for Christ, 4 child dedications, and at least 1,700 people received prayer!

Hands held in prayer

At the end of the day, after visiting the Connection tent, guests were given a bag of essential groceries.

Providing food for the community

The day of Sharing Hope was about more than providing food or cutting hair. It was about “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” and meeting the deeper needs of the community.