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Serving in Haiti

Note: This post is from Troy Knuppel. His team left for Haiti late last night.

Our team is getting ready for the journey to Dubuisson, Haiti. We look forward to doing Kingdom work. In spare minutes, our team will be stuccoing the walls of the church and pouring concrete on the floor. What a wonderful experience to be able to be with brothers and sisters from different parts of the world working on a common task.

Our team consisting of nine members bring many different talents and giftings. This will be God at his finest as He knits our hearts together and works individual abilities into one.

Please pray that God uses our team mightily!

Heading to Haiti

Note: Troy and Kendra Knuppel will be leading a team in Haiti to partner with Mission of Mercy. They will be working with a group to build a roof for the church in the community.

As our team is finishing up today preparing for our trip to Dubuisson, Haiti, we look forward with anticipation for what God is going to do. We will be spending time with small children, loving on them, and praying over them. I am sometimes not sure who is the recipient of the prayer, the child that you are praying for and how God will work through them or us as we pray for the child.

To be able to worship with our brothers and sisters in Haiti is an experience that will help you understand the statement, “worship our Lord with all of your heart, soul, and mind.” They do this, and I am excited to be able to worship with them this Sunday at the church where we are looking forward to helping them place a roof on very soon!

Thank you for your continued prayers for our trip and those we will be working with.

-Troy Knuppel