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Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Daniel Kohout

Daniel Kohout 5

Daniel Kohout has recently returned from two and half months in Battambong, Cambodia preceded by nine weeks in Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Colorado Springs.

During his nine weeks at DTS, Daniel said he felt “wrecked by God.”  Daniel explained: “I use this term to refer to radical transformation, similar to what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus. Though it was very different from God blasting me off my horse, the Holy Spirit invaded my life with similar gusto. What stood out about this part of the school was learning how to hear the voice of God, and the emphasis of focusing on Him. To be honest during those nine weeks I can’t think of a time when I WASN’T thinking about him.”  Daniel faced many challenges as his old self “burned away” and his new self emerged, ready to take on the next phase of his journey.

Daniel Kohout 1

In Battambong, Cambodia, Daniel and his team worked at a Youth Center designed to teach English to locals primarily in their teens.  Daniel described their time as a “huge opportunity to model Jesus and sow seeds.” They had 30 to 40 students five days a week.  When they were not teaching, the team spent their time doing street evangelism, kid’s ministries, and prayer walks.

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Daniel was nervous to go on his first trip overseas, but once there, his nerves subsided.  However, he faced some important challenges, especially since the diversity of his team made it difficult to understand and relate to one another at times.  Daniel learned that this was an opportunity for God to use the people around him to work on Daniels’ heart. Through time in prayer, he discovered that loving people came not from increased effort on his part but as a natural outcome of closely seeking God. He also learned that love is “not dictated by whether or not you like someone- for it is not love if it’s conditional.”  Daniel was thankful to have learned that lesson so early in life and credits it as the biggest lesson learned during DTS.

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Daniel believed the most hopeful thing he experienced was when he led two locals to God; he had previously not witnessed salvation up close.  Daniel was thrilled when one of the newly saved locals contacted him shortly after his return home and was seeking guidance on sharing the gospel with others less than a month after her own salvation.

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This was Daniel’s first mission trip, however he knows it will not be his last.  Daniel articulated that “Being part of the frontlines of God moving in the nations is extraordinary.” He already plans for another long term mission with training starting September 26th and a departure to Turkey in December for six months or longer. He asked for prayers that he will be able to raise the funds and for safety during his time in Turkey.

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