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A Cup For the Thirsty

Ever meet a friend or group at a coffee shop or set up your laptop for the free wifi? Consider changing your meeting spot for the next ten days, starting today.

From October 10 to 19, the Timberline Cafe will be donating all tips (and any additional contributions) to Living Water International, an organization that provides a cup of water in Jesus’ name. On college campuses, a ten-day campaign asks students to give up all beverages except water and donate what they would have spent on drinks toward LWI. Since the proceeds from the Cafe already go to missions organizations, they are asking individuals to still buy coffee but drop an extra donation into the tip jar. (If you are interested in serving as a volunteer barista, ask for Heather!)

Why Living Water International? Did you know that over a billion people worldwide live on less than a dollar a day and an estimated 884 million people lack access to clean drinking water? Women and children spend hours each day carrying water over long distances while communities suffer from water-related diseases and parasites. This impact on health and time also affects education and keeps people trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Since their founding in 1990, LWI has completed more than 10,000 clean water projects in 26 countries. In addition to digging and renovating wells, they provide sanitation and hygiene training for entire communities. They also organize and train local committees to operate and maintain the new water system.

So, for the next ten days, whenever you reach for a cup of something to drink, remember the thirsty.

The Café and Missions

Note: Heather Pulley is the manager at the Timberline Church Café. She and her team work every week to support the shop, customers, and Missions. In this post, she tells about the bigger mission of the Café.

The Café at Timberline Church is a non-profit coffee shop with a heart for Missions.  We are operated by a great staff of volunteers and are open seven days a week.  Our primary Missions focus is Africa, and we currently make monthly donations to organizations that focus on education, clean water, and orphan care.  In 2011, our tips alone contributed over $3600 to Think Compassion, an organization that runs a school in Kigali, Rwanda.  Our coffee is certified Fair Trade and comes from Rwanda.  A portion of the proceeds from each bag of coffee purchased goes directly back to the growers in Rwanda.  Each cup of coffee purchased and each tip donated make an impact on a global scale.  We are blessed to be able to contribute to the Missions Ministry at Timberline Church simply by serving quality coffee and snacks at reasonable prices.