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Introducing a New Timberline Ambassador

Erik worship night

Erik was first ambushed by God’s love one Sunday here on Timberline Road in 2013 at the age of 20. This happened shortly after getting involved in a small group with Chi Alpha, a campus ministry at CSU. A recent graduate from Colorado State University, he has been involved in the Timberline organization since, serving and attending services at the Timberline Old Town campus. Erik graduated this past December with a Sociology degree and plans to use this knowledge in ministry long-term.

This February Erik has plans to begin discipling college students in a sensitive country in the region of Eurasia. After being on leadership with Chi Alpha at CSU for the past two years he hopes to use the skills he learned from this in campus ministry overseas.

God first placed it on Erik’s heart to go on the two-week trip Chi Alpha has every summer, but the more he prayed about it he realized God was calling him to serve for a longer period of time. Starting with a year and a-half commitment, Erik says he won’t be surprised if he ends up giving his life to advancing God’s Kingdom there.

Hopeful of growing more intimately in his own relationship with the Lord, Erik also knows God will use his own story of being redeemed from a life of drugs and alcohol to impact the students he will be serving. Please join Erik in praying for more students to surrender to God’s love, and as a result, take on roles of leadership in the ministry, “as we watch God heal that nation, one broken soul at a time”.

Introducing Timberline Ambassador Emily Rosing

20130830-215005.jpgOn September 19, Timberline Church’s newest ambassador, Emily Rosing, is leaving Fort Collins behind for a 20-week adventure.

Her first stop is a twelve-week compassion and mercy discipleship training school in San Antonio del Mar, Mexico through Youth With A Mission. In addition to a classroom emphasis on cultivating a life of intimacy with God, Emily will participate in regional activities to impact the poor in the northern areas of Baja, Mexico. Emily will then spend eight weeks doing outreach in another country, possibly Uganda.

While she is gone, Emily requests prayer for guidance and wisdom for her future and safety while she’s in northern Mexico. Also pray that those who her group talk with (prisoners, orphans, single mothers, random people on the side of the road, etc.) will have open hearts and ears.

You can follow her journey at rosingdts.blogspot.com or contact her at erosing@rams.colostate.edu.

Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Noah Myers

Noah Myers 1

As we welcome home Timberline Ambassador Noah Myers, we asked him to share with us a little about what he’s been up to over the past year and how it impacted his life. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I’ve been stateside for about a month now, marking 12 months since I left for my 11 month trip doing missionary work in 11 countries. I now have the great privilege and honor of summarizing my experience to all of you in 500 words. Let me start with just stating the obvious that this isn’t enough room to express everything. If you really wanted to learn everything I could share from the race, you’d need a whole year with me or to just go on the race yourself.

Let’s just say World Race was amazing. It was the most impactful year of my life, both in ways that I consciously understand about how it has changed me and in ways I probably won’t understand for years about its influence on me. It was a fun year – full of adventures, challenges, victories, and losses. In some ways I want to talk about what I did, the schools we worked with, the ministries we helped, or the churches we built, but I feel like you’ve heard all of that stuff before, so I thought I would show you more about how I was changed.

Noah Myers 2

My definition of what it means to be a servant has been changed forever. Every month we went to different contacts to do ministry in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and even Australia, expecting to serve them as best we knew how. We expected to be working non-stop serving our hosts but instead the opposite seemed to happen. Contacts in Africa washed our shoes several times a week. Our contact in Nepal spent his own personal money to give us food that he knew we would enjoy. Almost every contact washed our clothes for us … by hand. We went to serve and bless these people and I felt like in the end it was us who benefitted the most from these relationships, not them. It was a picture of servant leadership.

My role of logistics leader for our squad was as challenging as I expected it to be. Coordinating travel, food and often housing for fifty-plus people as they travel literally around the world isn’t an easy task. I’d never taken a role like that before and I knew I was going to be in over my head at least until I got used to it. And when our final month finally rolled around, I was still in over my head. In the end, I can tell you that I am better at that type of work then when I started, and there is no way I could have done that job without Christ. There were countless times of praying for the Lord’s favor in situations beyond my control that I felt weren’t going to work out for our transportation or housing. But every time G-d came thru. It worked out in a way that made it clear to me that G-d was the one pulling the strings and not me.

Noah Myers 3

So after 11 months what was my big takeaway? What was the big thing that I learned that I’ll never forget.

Ask me in a few years.

Let’s just say G-d is my teacher and class is always in session.

But if you do want to learn more you can check out my world race blog at noahmyers.theworldrace.org or my current blog at coloradogiant.wordpress.com.

Update on Timberline Ambassador Ryan Pauly

Ryan Pauly 1

After graduating from college, Timberline Ambassador Ryan Pauly made the commitment to become a missionary in the Dominican Republic. One year turned into two as his ministry grew. Today, his main area of work is teaching at La Vega Christian School, but he is also involved in a baseball ministry, assists short-term missions teams from the United States, and helps support Haitian schools. In addition to teaching, he works in the local church by leading worship, preaching, and serving as a youth leader.

Just over a year ago, Ryan founded Transition Ministry to equip today’s youth with a clear understanding of the Gospel and provide a covering for his work as a missionary. God rapidly expanded his vision. Ryan wrote, “A few weeks after Transition Ministry was founded, I was presented with the idea of doing student sponsorships for a Haitian school that we helped build in August of 2011. Soon, $384/month was being given to the Haitian school to sponsor 26 students and their teacher, but it didn’t stop there. A donation was given to build a kitchen at the school, and now with the new construction project, the Rose of Sharon Educational Center, over $31,000 has been donated for the land and school building! This building will provide four classrooms for the Haitian School, serve as a Dominican afterschool program, and host a church. There are future plans for a second level that will serve as a vocational training center for adults.”

“I believe that God has even bigger plans in the future. Plans to continue to working with the Haitians, plans for La Vega Christian School, and plans for a new missions internship program for university students. God has not only put the youth of the Dominican Republic on my heart, but He has also put the youth of the U.S. on my heart, especially those that have felt the call to be missionaries. I want to provide a way for university students to receive missions training so that they can one day go out and work for the Lord in other countries.”

Ryan is currently back in the United States raising support and sharing the vision about what God is doing in the Dominican Republic. Find out more about Ryan’s work, sign up for his newsletter, or learn how to sponsor a child at http://www.transitionministry.com.

Welcome Home Timberline Ambassadors – The Cherry Family

Cherry family 1

In June 2012, Sean and Tiffany Cherry moved their family to Guatemala for a year because they wanted to experience a different culture and lifestyle while doing orphan ministry more full time. They planned to work alongside Pastor Araceli and her ministries while being open to whatever God had in store for them. They ended up spending a lot of time at two orphanages where they built relationships with the directors and staff. They also led youth group for about 60 teens from the missionary community.

The impact on their family was huge because they saw a lot of things that broke their hearts and will never leave them. As Tiffany Cherry said, “We became closer as a family as we were all experiencing the same emotions and really relied on each other to navigate through them. We also saw that true joy comes from the Lord and nothing else. We learned that God’s plan is not always our plan but in the end, His is better than ours.”

Cherry family 2

Now that they are back home, they will continue to support the orphanages they worked with in Guatemala and believe their main mission field will be here in Fort Collins. “We aren’t 100% sure what that will look like, but we have no doubt God will guide us along the way.”

Update on Timberline Ambassadors – The Sisneros Family

Sisneros family
Over ten months ago, the Sisneros family left the comforts of home in Northern Colorado and moved to Guatemala City. In a few weeks, they are moving again to be closer to their increasing ministry in the village of El Rosario. While you can visit their blogs at www.GodCalledUs.com to find out more about what God has been doing through them, here is one glimpse into their work in Guatemala.

For the last three years, the public school in El Rosario has been in need of major construction and in particular a new kitchen. Several local women had been walking miles upon miles and hours upon hours daily to neighboring towns to collect materials (rebar, cinder blocks, corrugated metal, etc.) to help in the construction. A little church in Kiowa, Colorado heard about this need and asked if they could pay a local contractor to build the needed kitchen.

The mission’s team, including George Sisneros, accepted their offer and after a six-month search of local contractors, found one (or more) to build the kitchen. After three long years of waiting and trying to build this much needed kitchen, the windows and doors were installed in early May. The following week, the finishing touches of a wood stove and water purification system were installed in the kitchen, making El Rosario’s public school one of the only schools in Guatemala to have purified water.

george sisneros

With the job complete and everyone happy, one might think this tale is over. But wait! As usual, the Lord is not done doing what the Lord does. Through the work of the Sisneros family, their mission group, and by extension Timberline Church among other churches, the public school has reopened the conversation about letting an abandoned school building be used as a Christian academy for boys so they can learn that there is father who does not want to abuse them but rather love on them unconditionally. (Read more about these amazing open doors on George’s blog.)

God is doing amazing things in Guatemala through the Sisneros family, Ambassadors from Timberline Church in Fort Collins. George thanks everyone for their support and would love to add more people to their mailing list for regular updates (contact them through www.GodCalledUs.com). The Sisneros family is planning to return to Colorado for a few weeks later this year to visit family and friends.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Donnie Crouch)

Introducing Timberline Ambassador Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles Uganda

On May 29, 2013, Timberline Church member Sarah Miles is leaving for Uganda. She will be serving for six months at The Shepherd Center (www.theshepherdcentre.org) as co-director at the facility. In addition to administrative duties and setting up a sponsorship program for the boys who live there, she will be helping the facility become self-sustaining with chickens, a garden, and possibly a tilapia farm. Sarah will also be hosting teams that come on short-term missions trips.

While she is overseas, please pray for:

  • Sarah’s family including her new grandchild as they adjust to being apart.
  • Her health and safety.
  • Additional monthly support to be raised so she can extend her time for a two-year commitment.
  • Wisdom in her duties and the changes she makes.

You can find out more about Sarah Miles, and how to support her, on her blog at www.smilesinternational.wordpress.com. If you wish to be added to her update list, send an email to smiles970@gmail.com.