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Adopt-A-Family and Christmas Family Festival Still Need Your Help


Each year this magical time seems to creep up on us. Before we know it Thanksgiving is here and Christmas shopping is in full swing. Lists are made, wants are clear, and packages begin to fill every secret nook and cranny in our houses.  Every year the Christmas season comes and families, right here, in our community are making lists they know they can’t finish, are listening to wants they know they can’t provide, and the underneath of their beds and in their closets stay empty. Each year hundreds of families know that they will struggle to make Christmas happen for their kids.

Fifteen years ago things changed.  Adopt-A-Family was born with a servant’s heart and the desire to show the love of Jesus in helping those in our community that dread this time.   In the program’s first year, they served 42 families. In 2015 we served 1700 and we are well on the way to do it again! We are amazed and humbled at God’s provision of the ability to transform relationships in our community and His church through service.


Adopt-A-Family would be nothing without the hundreds of volunteers, donors, adopters, churches, businesses and supporters who year after year go above and beyond. Timberline is blessed to have so many generous families and we thank God every day for their involvement and dedication to make this program the success it is.

Even though our program is in its final stretch we still have many needs to fill. We are still looking for families that would love to get involved by stepping up to personally adopt a family and provide the toys and gifts that they couldn’t. For some families adopting another family is something they look forward to every year.


To those of you who want to be involved but adopting does feel like a fit we also host a huge community Christmas Family Festival, Wednesday December 14th from 4:00-6:00pm, where we invite not only those who have been adopted by our program but the community as a whole. There are food, games, a petting zoo, and crafts, family portraits, Santa and so much more. This is a volunteer run event and we are never lacking in fun ways for the whole family to jump in the night of!


Adopt-A-Family is an amazing program about so much more than the tangible gifts that it provides and we are truly thankful for the opportunity God has given us to spread a little joy and hope during the holidays.

If you have any interest in joining our program, please call Timberline Church 970-482-4387 ext.130 to become an adopter family or follow the link https://serve68.doodle.com/poll/ayqza8eyneikphrv to join our Family Festival team.

We pray your season is Merry and Bright.

Blessings, from the Local Missions Team at Timberline Church.

Adopt a Family This Christmas

adopt a family website logo

In the annual countdown to Christmas, shopping for gifts and baking holiday treats are standard items on the to-do list. But for many in our community, these ordinary tasks are sidelined due to financial needs. As in years before, Timberline Church is stepping in through Adopt-A-Family to come alongside and bless those who need help this Christmas. How can you help? With any (or all) of the following.

1. Adopt a Family. It is anticipated that several hundred new families will be identified this week alone so willing adopters are needed. Stop by a table in the mall this weekend to sign up or go to www.serve68.org/adopt-a-family and click on the link under “I want to adopt.” Once you have signed up, you will be prayerfully matched with a family and given their wish list.

2. Donate. If life’s circumstances would prevent you from shopping, wrapping, and delivering gifts, you could still help out with a cash donation toward gifts and grocery gift cards. The same link above to adopt a family has an option to make a donation to help others or you can stop by the table in the mall this weekend.

3. Visit the Sweet Shoppe in the mall December 13 and 14. Let someone else do your holiday baking. All proceeds go toward Adopt-a-Family.

4. Volunteer to help with the Family Festival on December 17th from 4 to 9. Specific needs: help move presents into the building from 1-3 on the 14th; help set up the auditorium from 6-8 on the 15th; help tear down/re-set the auditorium from 6-8 on the 18th; or help with a variety of tasks by signing in at 3:30 on the 17th. If you want to volunteer, just show up and follow the red shirts or ask for Zane.

5. Bring your family and have fun at the Family Festival. This celebration for the church family and our community guests includes a meal, petting zoo, nativity, hayride, face painting, and a super-fun 20-minute show happening three times during the evening.

Last Call For Adopters This Christmas

adopt a family website logo

Adopt-a-Family has become an annual tradition at Timberline Church and is a timely opportunity to make a difference in the lives of needy families in our community.

In addition to the giving trees displayed at local businesses and The Bridge celebration feeding 900 people each night on December 17 and 18, Adopt-a-Family coordinates hundreds of direct matches between families struggling to provide a Christmas celebration and the willing adopters who provide gifts for the children and a food basket or gift card for the family. Even those unable to adopt a family can still help by donating money toward gifts and gift cards or by volunteering their time.

It’s not too late to get involved this Christmas, but you need to contact the Adopt-a-Family office this week! How?

Local Businesses Host Giving Trees

Ornament Picture

This year dozens of local businesses are displaying special Christmas trees as part of Timberline Church’s annual Adopt-A-Family campaign. The unique ornaments hanging from the branches (like the ones pictured here) represent needy children in our community and their Christmas wishes. These Giving Trees allow both customers and employees the opportunity to select a child and provide a toy or gift card while Adopt-a-Family volunteers do all the work of collecting and delivering.

If your business would like to host a tree, donate toward gift cards, or adopt a family directly this Christmas season, find out more by contacting Adopt-A-Family at mailto:aaf@timberlinechurch.org or call Chelsea at 481-2328.

Changing Lives with The Bridge

2011 The Bridge 53

What are you doing this Christmas season to help someone else? It’s not too late to adopt a family or volunteer to help with The Bridge on December 18th and 19th. After all, the life that’s changed might just be yours.

Consider the story of Margie Bennett (watch the You Tube video ), a Bridge volunteer for the past two years. The first time she volunteered, she heard that the organizers still needed help and just showed up. As a social worker by profession, she spent the majority of her days working with the under-served in the community and therefore expected The Bridge event to be like a typical work day.

It was not.

Margie pointed out that the first time she volunteered she was questioning every aspect of faith including the very existence of God. It was a time of confusion and uncertainty. But as she served the people at The Bridge that night, she started to feel in her heart something that she’d never experienced before. It was an “amazing feeling of connectedness and love and caring.” It wasn’t until about three-quarters of the way through the event that it occurred to her that what she was experiencing was the undeniable and overwhelming presence of God in the room.

In that moment she became a true believer and realized that she was meant to be there. God had been calling her.  As a result, God turned Margie’s life around and transformed her, beginning with her conscious decision to become a Christian. Ten months later, Margie and her son were baptized at Timberline Church.

As Margie said, “I love The Bridge event. Amazing things happen there.  But it’s particularly significant for me because it turned my life around. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holiday and I can’t wait for it this year.”

2011 The Bridge 36

 How can you help? First, consider adopting a family this Christmas. As of a few days ago, 864 families were on the list but only 290 individuals or groups had signed up to help. (To sign up, go to www.TimberlineChurch.org, under “Peaks” along the top click on Love Embraces, click on Adopt-A-Family in the upper left corner of the new page, and then fill out the online form. )

If you can’t adopt an entire family, consider joining with others to help a family this Christmas. The same online form has an option for financial donations or gift cards. Or you can call the AAF office at 970-482-4387, extension 515, and volunteer to help out.

Last, but certainly not least, you could join Margie and volunteer to help at The Bridge on December 18th and 19th. Contact Ron Hedrick for more information.

Let’s change a life this Christmas!

Join us for a Christmas Party!


The Bridge ministry of Timberline Local Outreach will be partnering with Adopt-A-Family this Christmas season to bring a Christmas feast to families in need. The Bridge provides an opportunity to journey with those in need by inviting them to a Christmas celebration and banquet with our church family.

Last year, the Bridge served 250 families in three nights. This year the Bridge will do that in two nights, hoping to reach about 1,100 people. Each night, it takes 230-250 volunteers to support the Christmas feast. Everyone attending the Christmas feast this year will have the opportunity to receive a free, professional family portrait as well as gifts for the kids and a gift card for the family.

Watch a video from one the volunteers last year, Margie Bennett.

In Luke 14, Jesus tells a parable about a man that prepared a great banquet. When his friends could not attend, he decided to invite “the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.” He then scoured the countryside to be sure his house was full. In Mark, a similar story is told to illustrate the Kingdom of God, telling us that God loves all people and wants all people to attend his heavenly feast.

The Bridge ministry steps in the gap to help make the Christmas celebration happy and complete for those who are suffering financially and cannot provide for their families as they would like.

This year, the celebration will consist of a meal, entertainment, programs for the children and gifts to take home at the end of the party. As we serve and minister to our guests, we, too, are strengthened in our faith and experience God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Please join us in serving with the Bridge at this year’s Christmas Party!

When: Tuesday, December 18 and Wednesday, December 19

Where: Timberline Church in the main auditorium

How you can help: Each night, the Bridge requires 250 volunteers in a variety of roles.  We particularly need people that can serve as table hosts for our guests.

For more information: Join the Bridge Team Party on November 30 at 6pm in the East Auditorium.

Contact us: localoutreach@timberlinechurch.org or call 970-482-4387 and ask to speak with someone with the Serve 6.8 staff.


Adopt-a-Family 2012

Did you know there are just 36 days left until Christmas? However, for hundreds of families in Northern Colorado, thinking about the upcoming season does not include what gifts to buy or serve for dinner but rather if they can afford any celebration at all.

The Adopt-a-Family Ministry at Timberline Church is gearing up for another year of helping these needy families in our community. In 2011, over 800 families were served with about half of them adopted directly by families, groups, or local businesses. So far in 2012, the number of families requesting Christmas assistance far exceeds what they were at this point last year. We are in for a big year with some asking for help for the very first time.

What makes Adopt-a-Family so unique? The matching! After prayerful consideration, trained Adopt-a-Family volunteers match those families wishing to adopt with those families needing to be adopted. As an adopter, you can select the family size, how many children, ages, single parent, young couple, etc. and will be matched as closely as possible to your requests.

Adopt-a-Family receives the names of families needing to be adopted through referrals from local agencies, schools, partnering churches, and church members. (Adopt-a-Family partners with about 75 local agencies and schools.) The lists of names are shared with the other main Christmas giving programs in the area (Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, House of Neighborly Service, etc.) to ensure that the same families are not being served twice and that donations are spread fairly throughout the community.

In previous years, the program has seen simple requests for a cheese sandwich or someone to play chess with. Others have requested beds or sheets with many asking for hats, gloves, and underwear. A lot of parents stress that they don’t want anything for themselves — they just want to make sure their kids have something for Christmas.  

How can you get involved? Stop by the Adopt-a-Family table in the mall this weekend, November 24 and 25, and sign up to adopt a family this Christmas. In addition to picking what type of family you want to adopt, you can choose to deliver gifts in person or have them delivered by Adopt-a-Family volunteers. If you are unable to adopt an entire family, you can contribute toward gift cards instead. These gift cards are used to provide Christmas dinner for those families not formally adopted. If you prefer, you can sign up to adopt a family online by going to www.timberlinechurch.org, clicking on the Peaks menu, then Love Embraces, and Adopt-a-Family.  There are numerous other volunteer opportunities including data entry, matching, gift packing, and gift distribution.

This year you can celebrate the greatest gift ever given, God’s own Son, by bringing a brighter Christmas to those in need. Adopt a family in 2012.