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Second Timberline Team Georgia Bound


Timberline is sending a team to the country of Georgia to help remodel a permanent place for the local church to meet. The team of four men will focus on construction over a ten-day trip in which they will bring bathrooms up to code and set up other things, such as a stage, to help create more of a church building environment for the believers.

In light of the differences between our faith-friendly culture and theirs, our team can only learn more from the locals as they must be cautious in expressions of faith and simple gestures Americans have the liberty to take for granted. From our Georgian brothers, they hope to learn the power of relationship in spreading the Gospel, and they sit back in awe and watch how the nationals diligently and consistently follow the Holy Spirit into whatever place He may lead them.

Please pray for the mission team as they travel. They ask for protection and openness to life change. As well, they ask for strength for the pastors and families on site. They are excited to help with this new development in the lives of the believers there. They will return during the first week of August.

Quick Facts about Georgia:

  • Population: 4,928,052
  • Religion: Orthodox 83.4%, Muslim 10.7%
  • Language: Georgian 87.6%, Azeri 6.2%, Armenian 3.9% and Russian 1.2%
  • Ethnic groups: Georgians 86.8%, Azeri 6.3%, Armenian 4.5%, and other area countries 2.3%
  • Currency: Georgian lari
  • Population below poverty line:2%
  • Average temperature: 27- 91 degrees
  • Time change: 11 hours ahead of Colorado

Our Next Team is Arkansas Bound

Hillcrest Children’s Home, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a 45-acre campus filled with homey cottages set apart to redeem the fatherless and family through compassion in action. At Hillcrest, children ages 5-18, as well as graduates of Hillcrest and students in the court system aged 18 and over, receive balanced diets, proper clothes and medical attention to minister to their physical needs. Further, they receive a loving home environment, daily devotions, Bible-based counseling and regular church attendance to minister to their spiritual needs. They also have a college fund to help graduates pursue higher education after high school, if they so desire.

From July 2nd-8th, Timberline Church will send a team of 19 people, ages 10-80 years old, to serve in a variety of ways on the campus. First, they will assist the staff with light construction projects, such as painting and help with the basement remodel of a cottage for incoming interns. The team will also focus on building relationships. They plan to go to the local amusement and water parks with the staff, teens and kids for a couple of afternoons. And they also look forward to evening activities including individual time with each cottage to play games, tell stories, and share in arts and snacks. As an annual highlight for this trip, the entire campus will journey together to Little Rock, Arkansas, for a 4th of July celebration with BBQ, minor league baseball and, of course, a fireworks display. Finally, the team will round out the trip by hosting a “Minute to Win It” game for the entire campus, followed by an ice cream social on their final night there.

Please pray for our team while they are in Hot Springs. The kids at the Children’s Home often come from rough backgrounds, which can affect them at deep levels. Pray that our team can see the best way to show them love, direction and fun.

If you are interested in learning more about Hillcrest Children’s Home, please visit:

Timberline’s First Trip to Georgia is Underway

In America, converting a house into a local church would be a basic construction job. As a matter of fact, on TV, a crew could come in, change things around and have the place revived, landscaped and redecorated over a weekend. However, in the country of Georgia, it’s not that simple. For one thing, the only Home Depot-type store is a 2-½ hour drive away. For another, hiring a construction company is an exorbitant amount of money for a 100-member congregation. Further, the local Orthodox church not only refuses to recognize Evangelical Christian churches, but it also condemns those who they consider a threat to their beliefs.

From May 29th-June 11th, Timberline Church sent its first mission team to Georgia, to assist a congregation and turn a local house into a functioning meeting area. With a goal of placing studs and sheetrock on the walls after insulating the traditional stone structure, the team will leave the area having given the local body a place to pray and worship all together.

Please pray for our team.  Anyone who has ever endured a construction job knows the importance of timing and will understand the necessity of having the correct materials. While Timberline’s team is on location, timing and accuracy will be even more important—a lack of screws means a 5-hour drive time to solve the problem; a delay of one thing before they arrive can mean an inability to complete anything in the short two weeks they are in town. Further, pray for protection over the team as they travel, and pray for protection over the entire congregation now and into the future.

Impacting San Francisco – The 2017 Trip Report

From March 11-18, 2017, Timberline College sent a team to San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. This tough area is one square mile that houses 37,000 people in low-income apartments, less than 0.5% of who attend a church. Needless to say, the spiritual and physical needs for this community are great.

To attend to physical needs for this impoverished area, the team volunteered at a thrift shop and at the City Impact school as well as helped with an event called TL Revive, in which they gave out food and clothes. They also helped with medical care.

In order to seek out the spiritual needs of the people, the team handed out chips or sandwiches during the evenings while asking people what they needed prayer for. Of course, some locals wanted prayer and were willing to share their stories, while others simply wanted the food and no conversation. Nevertheless, the team reached their goal of building relationships throughout the week. They said their time in San Francisco “challenged and pushed us, but we have grown to have a heart for this place and a heart for these people.”

In an area of the United States virtually forgotten by not just society but also by Christians, these tangible and intangible acts of love and kindness, which represent Christ so fully, will not soon be forgotten. Certainly the work that God has begun there will multiply in the future.

Thank you for your prayers for safety, provision and a deep connection to the Holy Spirit as He led this team through their daily interactions with the locals!

If you are interested to know more about San Francisco City Impact and all they do in the Tenderloin District, please visit:  You can also learn more about the mission by watching this 4-minute video:

Team Heading to San Francisco

On March 11-18th, 10 Timberline College volunteers will serve people in material poverty in the Tenderloin District, one square mile in San Francisco housing 37,000 people within 586 low-income housing apartments. In partnership with City Impact, a group that exists to “intervene on behalf of the people in the inner city of San Francisco”, Timberline’s 10 volunteers hope to stand in the gaps and intercede for people who have no Christians in their lives to share the good news with them. They will deliver and serve meals, assist kids at the local school academy, bring dignity to those involved with the women’s and street ministries, and bring joy through an event called TL Revive where the community can enjoy music, free clothing, barbecue, grooming and conversation.

Please pray for safety, provision and a deep connection to the Holy Spirit as He leads these 10 missionaries in interactions with the local people. As well, many of the missionaries will have never seen a world as poverty-stricken as this area. That often means they will need an extra measure of faith and confidence in the darkest places they may go.

For more information about City Impact, check out this video:

To help City Impact in your own way, visit them at

If you are interested in helping support these Timberline College volunteers, you can find more information at

Plan Now for a Short-Term Missions Trip in 2017


Where do you see yourself in the new year? Is this the year you step out of your comfort zone to serve others in a different part of the world? Or will you discover new ways to impact our local community? What part of the world will you reach?

As of this date, the following trips are planned (but more may get added):

March 11-19 San Francisco City Impact Mackenzie Matthews, Timberline College
May 28-June 11 Georgia (the country) Chad Walker, Michael Anderson
June 12-16 Royal Family Kids – Larimer/Fort Collins Timberline Fort Collins
June 26-30 Royal Family Kids – Weld/Windsor Timberline Windsor
July 2-8 Hillcrest Children’s Home in Hot Springs Kari Stewart
July 16-30 Georgia Chad Walker, Michael Anderson
Oct 10-25 China Phil and Claire Smith
Fall 2017 Haiti Josh and Nicole Stone, nine70

Find out more about these trips at Even if you cannot travel in the coming year, please pray for the leaders and team members. You can also donate toward a trip for someone else.

P.S. Mark your calendar now for two more amazing ways to kick off our global impact at the beginning of the year. The U COUNT Spotlight weekend will be January 28 and 29 while Missions Week will be April 1 to 5.

Painting With Love at Respire Haiti – The 2016 Haiti Trip Report


Respire Haiti assists with education, medical care, economic development and “Restavek” awareness in the city of Gressier, Haiti. At the end of October, a team from Timberline traveled there to assist wherever the greatest need was. Facing the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, there was surely much to clean up. Here’s a report from Nicole Sutton about her experience: 

“I never thought of tires as something you could paint.”  That was what we were all probably thinking as we stood outside of Respire Cafe in Gressier (grey-see-ay), Haiti, before a ten-foot wall made entirely out of used tires.  With a paintbrush in hand and a tray full of blue or green, we began the long, tedious task of covering the tires in layers of paint.


Throughout the week, all eleven of us worked on various tasks, including building and painting an espresso bar, installing a speaker system, painting the outside trim, and painting the inside walls, ceilings and bathroom.  Two women from our team walked up Bellevue Mountain each day to work with the special needs classes at Respire Haiti.  Every single one of us came with different skills to offer and each of them were put to use: working with power tools, drawing, painting, barista, electronics, and working with special needs.

While working in Gressier, we learned to be flexible with our projects and to do our best with limited supplies and time.  With the right attitude and lots of patience, we were able to get nearly all of our projects finished.  Visiting an impoverished country like Haiti was truly eye-opening.  In America we often take for granted that we have running water, paved roads, electricity, food, shelter and clothes.  That isn’t always the case in Haiti where everything is extremely limited.


Josh Anderson, Megan’s husband, was extremely grateful to have us from Timberline Church.  He used to attend nine70 at Timberline when he lived in Fort Collins.  He was impressed by how quickly and efficiently we were able to work at Respire Cafe. Josh hopes that we take what we have learned in Gressier and put it to use in our every day lives in Fort Collins.

It was amazing to see what Respire Haiti has become since Megan Boudreaux founded the organization five years ago.  At the school, a vast majority of the children are sponsored.  Parents pay only $8-10 per year for their children to receive a good education, two meals per day and a safe place to play and make friends.  God has provided the right people and the right skills to allow the school and clinic to run strong. His love completely surrounds Respire Haiti.

If you are interested in discovering more about Respire Haiti, please go to: