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Second Timberline Team Georgia Bound


Timberline is sending a team to the country of Georgia to help remodel a permanent place for the local church to meet. The team of four men will focus on construction over a ten-day trip in which they will bring bathrooms up to code and set up other things, such as a stage, to help create more of a church building environment for the believers.

In light of the differences between our faith-friendly culture and theirs, our team can only learn more from the locals as they must be cautious in expressions of faith and simple gestures Americans have the liberty to take for granted. From our Georgian brothers, they hope to learn the power of relationship in spreading the Gospel, and they sit back in awe and watch how the nationals diligently and consistently follow the Holy Spirit into whatever place He may lead them.

Please pray for the mission team as they travel. They ask for protection and openness to life change. As well, they ask for strength for the pastors and families on site. They are excited to help with this new development in the lives of the believers there. They will return during the first week of August.

Quick Facts about Georgia:

  • Population: 4,928,052
  • Religion: Orthodox 83.4%, Muslim 10.7%
  • Language: Georgian 87.6%, Azeri 6.2%, Armenian 3.9% and Russian 1.2%
  • Ethnic groups: Georgians 86.8%, Azeri 6.3%, Armenian 4.5%, and other area countries 2.3%
  • Currency: Georgian lari
  • Population below poverty line:2%
  • Average temperature: 27- 91 degrees
  • Time change: 11 hours ahead of Colorado

Our Next Team is Arkansas Bound

Hillcrest Children’s Home, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a 45-acre campus filled with homey cottages set apart to redeem the fatherless and family through compassion in action. At Hillcrest, children ages 5-18, as well as graduates of Hillcrest and students in the court system aged 18 and over, receive balanced diets, proper clothes and medical attention to minister to their physical needs. Further, they receive a loving home environment, daily devotions, Bible-based counseling and regular church attendance to minister to their spiritual needs. They also have a college fund to help graduates pursue higher education after high school, if they so desire.

From July 2nd-8th, Timberline Church will send a team of 19 people, ages 10-80 years old, to serve in a variety of ways on the campus. First, they will assist the staff with light construction projects, such as painting and help with the basement remodel of a cottage for incoming interns. The team will also focus on building relationships. They plan to go to the local amusement and water parks with the staff, teens and kids for a couple of afternoons. And they also look forward to evening activities including individual time with each cottage to play games, tell stories, and share in arts and snacks. As an annual highlight for this trip, the entire campus will journey together to Little Rock, Arkansas, for a 4th of July celebration with BBQ, minor league baseball and, of course, a fireworks display. Finally, the team will round out the trip by hosting a “Minute to Win It” game for the entire campus, followed by an ice cream social on their final night there.

Please pray for our team while they are in Hot Springs. The kids at the Children’s Home often come from rough backgrounds, which can affect them at deep levels. Pray that our team can see the best way to show them love, direction and fun.

If you are interested in learning more about Hillcrest Children’s Home, please visit:


After months of training and preparing, FREEDOM TOUR ’17 is underway.

On June 4, eight cyclists sporting our spiffy new jerseys joined 7,000 of their friends at the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival in Castle Rock. They cranked a metric century (62 miles) through absolutely stunning–and difficult–terrain in the unofficial start of Colorado’s cycling season.

Elephant Rock was Act I. On June 10 an army of generous, smiling volunteers in bright yellow shirts sent 65 cyclists off on the One-day FREEDOM TOUR Prologue. Some cranked 60 miles around Horsetooth Reservoir, over Carter Lake, and back through Loveland. Others cruised 30 miles through the Fort Collins trails, along scenic Boyd Lake, and back through the urban beauty of the Fossil Creek Wetlands.

Sunshine, great company, good food at the end of the ride. Long lines of riders, laughter as old friends reunited and new friends became acquainted, and the general sense of mission in this amazing gathering.

And it all happens to support a group of precious children rescued from human trafficking.

We’re just getting started. FRONT RANGE FREEDOM TOUR blasted off on Saturday from Cheyenne. Cranking 500 miles in a week will be a great opportunity to come together, learn our stories, and get a little closer to God.

And then there’s the COLORADO MOUNTAIN TOUR. July 28 – 31 another team will climb more than 14,500 feet through Colorado’s most scenic terrain from Gunnison to Steamboat.

The FREEDOM TOUR is more than a bike ride. The people, the jerseys, the excitement, the cause…it can all be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we always begin with HELMETS UP, a reminder that it’s not our thing and we’re not in charge.

It’s a lot of fun, though. We invite you to follow along and experience some of the beauty and joy.

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Meet The Missionaries: Jim and Ester Mazurek


For the past 20 years, Timberline Church has partnered with missionaries Jim and Ester Mazurek as they reach at-risk children in Chile and raise up leaders throughout Latin America. In addition to financial support, a construction team went five years ago to build a church building. In the spring of 2016, the partnership will continue with another construction trip, this time to expand the Children’s Outreach Center. Jim and Ester visited Timberline Church this past weekend and provided an update on their ministry efforts.


Ester Mazurek is the founder and director of the Santiago Children’s Ministry Outreach Center, a ministry that reaches out to at-risk children in Santiago, Chile (pop. 7 million) with evangelism, discipleship, hot meals, educational reinforcement, medical and foster care, shelter, and rescue from child prostitution.


Jim shared that the largest unreached people group in the world today is children with the 4-14 window (age 4 to 14) representing the biggest challenge and opportunity in missions today. The Mazureks are currently building a facility that will house a church, school, athletic area, and overall ministry offices and are seeking funds and construction teams to complete the project soon.


Meanwhile, Jim Mazurek is also the Adjunct Coordinator of the Christian Education Service of the Assemblies of God and gives oversight to a variety of ministries ranging from Sunday Schools to graduate school. Each year he travels extensively and teaches seminars throughout Latin America including Cuba.

Mazureks in Chile

Sixty miles south of Santiago sits the city of Rancagua (pop. 217,000), a “dormitory town” for the workers in the world’s largest copper mine. Despite the prosperity the mining industry brings to the city, the children are the ones to suffer most when criminality, alcoholism, and drug addiction persist. In 2012, the Mazureks began outreach ministry to the children of Rancagua and in 2014 were able to rent an events center building near downtown. These ideal facilities are now for sale for under $100,000 and the local church of new believers is stepping up with the down payment for a loan while praying for provision to reduce the balance due quickly.


Both locations are already making plans to bless 200 children with a Christmas celebration and special gift for each. Many of the children come from environments marked by poverty, drug addiction, alcoholism, absent fathers, domestic violence, and neglect. For some, the present the Mazureks and their ministry provides is the only gift they will receive. A gift of just ten dollars would secure a gift and snacks for one child.

How can you help their ministry?

1) Pray for provision for their ministry and personal safety as they travel to dangerous areas in Santiago and the region.

2) Connect so you can stay aware of their ongoing needs and project reports. Visit their website at, Facebook page under Jim and Ester Mazurek Missions, or sign up for their e-newsletters.

3) Give towards the costs of a particular project through links on their website. Ministry costs money and Jim shared that they pay $6.50 for a gallon of gas!

4) Go with a construction team to help complete the Children’s Outreach Center. Stay tuned for more details as Timberline Church is sending a team in 2016.


Meet Brent and Erica Haberchak – Serving Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea


For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! ~ Romans 10:13-15 NIV

Did you know that of the 6500 unique people groups in the world around 2500 are still waiting to hear the good news of a Savior in their own language? Through organizations like Wycliffe, The Seed Company, and New Tribes Mission, preachers and Bible translators are being sent into remote areas to build relationships, share the gospel, and plant churches in order to fulfill Jesus’ commission to “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19)

One such area is the country of Papua New Guinea in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with over 800 different languages.  Brent Haberchak is a pilot and mechanic whose aviation skills support the church planters living in remote areas that are often inaccessible by road. In addition to delivering supplies, food, and clothing, Brent may be their only contact with the “outside world” and so his ministry also serves to encourage and maintain the morale of those working in the field. Since Brent can also help with evacuations for medical emergencies, the church planters now have a significant peace of mind about their families.

You can learn more about Brent and Erica Haberchak and their young family at, read their blog, and discover how to prayerfully support their ministry in Papua New Guinea.

Meet Larry and Rhonda Allen – Serving in Africa


Here’s a little tidbit that was buried in the middle of a video during Missions Celebration: Timberline Church currently helps financially support 104 missionaries in over 40 countries. Most of them are listed on the Love Reaches website.

Larry and Rhonda Allen are currently serving in Zimbabwe with Assemblies of God World Missions after serving in Malawi for 13 years. The goal of their ministry is to evangelize by planting churches, educate by training leaders, and empower through compassionate ministries to reach the unreached and rejected including those infected with HIV/AIDS. You can read more about their ministry at www.allensinafrica.orgFingerprints Across Africa is a nonprofit organization founded by Rhonda to help with the compassion ministry projects that they had a hand in starting.

While the Allens were in Malawi, Timberline Church sent 3 medical teams and the majority of people on a construction team. One medical team went to Ngodzi in Salima district and two teams went to Dubai Village in Lilongwe, where the first House of Promise (family-style home for orphans) was located. The construction team went to work on a training center/executive offices project, but ended up working on the foundation for a church since they were waiting for city permits.

This fall, new Timberline Ambassador Jenica Edwards ( will be joining the Allens in Zimbabwe for a two-year commitment. Larry and Rhonda are excited that Jenica is coming and hope to get her connected in working with troubled youth through a local church (although much of that depends on government permissions, or lack thereof).

The Allens will be at Timberline Church on Wednesday, March 26, during the midweek evening service. Come learn more about their ministry and how to pray for them.

Meet the Donaldsons – Serving in India


Kevin, Lucy, and Grace Donaldson serve in the Indian capital of New Delhi. They began their ministry there in the 1990s, after which they served in missions leadership for a number of years, before returning to India in 2010. Today, they serve in three areas of ministry:

1. Kevin operates an executive coaching practice and provides leadership training to Fortune 500 companies and large Indian businesses. His strategy is to use business and leadership development as a platform to reach influencers in government, media, business and education with the gospel. He also spends significant time and energy equipping Christian business and ministry leaders.

2. Lucy gives daily leadership to Suraksha, the ministry of Project Rescue in the Delhi region. The ministry serves women and children who are victims of sexual trafficking. Project Rescue operates an outreach center in Delhi’s red-light district, where women receive medical care, counseling and spiritual ministry in the heart of the brothels.

3. Suraksha also operates a girl’s home and a boy’s home for the children of prostituted women. The Donaldsons, along with Suraksha staff, are currently responsible for the raising of more than 20 children from the brothels.

In addition to hearing more about their work during services this weekend, there will be a meet-and-greet opportunity on Saturday evening, November 16, in the Arts Center immediately following the service.