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Our Next Team is Arkansas Bound

Hillcrest Children’s Home, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, is a 45-acre campus filled with homey cottages set apart to redeem the fatherless and family through compassion in action. At Hillcrest, children ages 5-18, as well as graduates of Hillcrest and students in the court system aged 18 and over, receive balanced diets, proper clothes and medical attention to minister to their physical needs. Further, they receive a loving home environment, daily devotions, Bible-based counseling and regular church attendance to minister to their spiritual needs. They also have a college fund to help graduates pursue higher education after high school, if they so desire.

From July 2nd-8th, Timberline Church will send a team of 19 people, ages 10-80 years old, to serve in a variety of ways on the campus. First, they will assist the staff with light construction projects, such as painting and help with the basement remodel of a cottage for incoming interns. The team will also focus on building relationships. They plan to go to the local amusement and water parks with the staff, teens and kids for a couple of afternoons. And they also look forward to evening activities including individual time with each cottage to play games, tell stories, and share in arts and snacks. As an annual highlight for this trip, the entire campus will journey together to Little Rock, Arkansas, for a 4th of July celebration with BBQ, minor league baseball and, of course, a fireworks display. Finally, the team will round out the trip by hosting a “Minute to Win It” game for the entire campus, followed by an ice cream social on their final night there.

Please pray for our team while they are in Hot Springs. The kids at the Children’s Home often come from rough backgrounds, which can affect them at deep levels. Pray that our team can see the best way to show them love, direction and fun.

If you are interested in learning more about Hillcrest Children’s Home, please visit:

What Can I Do?

Often when we see the great need to spread the message of Jesus, plus when we add in the vast size of the world, we can get overwhelmed into inaction. At Timberline Church, we are dedicated to take the Gospel to all the world and make disciples of all nations. We also believe that there is a place for everyone in the Gospel opportunity. From home-bound adults to brawny teens, from your local people-person to the one more confident behind a computer screen, we have a place for you in Missions.

Here are examples of current and upcoming needs on the Mission field, both locally and internationally:

Maybe Social Media and Computers are your thing:

Timberline Love Reaches needs a Director for Storytellers.

  • Storytellers is already staffed by volunteers who write blogs about all the missions—local and global—Timberline participates in. We need someone who can organize the writers and match them up with the individual mission events. Knowledge of social media would be a plus. Love Reaches has bi-monthly meetings.
  • If you are interested, please email

Perspectives needs help with marketing the January 2018 Class.

  • Perspectives is a joint venture between several local churches for the purpose of training mission-minded individuals during a 15-week course that will educate about missions—both the history and current events within.
  • If you are interested, please contact Nathan Hrouda at Summitview Church:

Do you have a heart for people of special needs? Do you plan parties?

Night to Shine is looking for planning committee members.Night to Shine and the Tim Tebow Foundation will sponsor a prom for local teenagers with special needs.

Do you want to serve locally, but you only have a day to spare, or maybe you can serve sporadically?

SERVE Day is July 15th

  • SERVE Day is a worldwide movement of churches going outside building walls to serve their community in one day. Timberline Church, Serve 6.8, and 21 other local churches will participate in the Fort Collins area this year. Offered: bounce houses, music, food, health & wellness services, haircuts & a teen shopping spree.
  • If you are interested in helping with this event, you can find more information at

Serve 6.8

  • Extra help is needed since they expanded services to Sundays 12-2pm for handing out food boxes.  They are now located on Drake and LeMay, Serve 6.8 gives out food boxes stocked from donations by individuals and local establishments, such as Sprouts.
  • If you would like to help in this or any other way, please visit:

U-COUNT is always active and always needs volunteers in various areas.

  • U-COUNT works to increase awareness of global sex trafficking crimes as well as support victims and survivors of trafficking through global projects, domestic efforts and hand-craft-based marketplaces.
  • If you would like to help out, please find more information here:

Are you ready for a Missions Trip?

The weekend of July 15th-16th, the Timberline main campus will have a Short-Term Mission Trips mall table with information on all our 2017 Fall Trips.  Upcoming trips include:

  • Sept: Guatemala (still open for missionaries for this family-friendly trip)
  • Oct: Haiti and East Asia
  • If you’d like more information about any of these opportunities, please explore all our trips at

If you have a heart for missions, we have a place for you here at Timberline. Feel free to stay current on all that happens through Timberline by visiting www,


Twitter: @Love_Reaches





Speed Date A Missionary FAQ

In just two weeks, it will your opportunity to Speed Date A Missionary and so far there have been a lot of frequently asked questions.
When is it again?
Monday April 3rd and Tuesday April 4th starting at 6 p.m. and getting over around 8 o’clock.
Does that mean I should come both nights?
No. Both nights have exactly the same program scheduled so pick the night that works best for you.
How will this dating thing work?
Starting at 6 p.m., attendees will get their food and find a seat at one of the seven clusters of tables. At around 6:30, each of seven missionary couples will scatter to those groups and begin to share about themselves and their ministries leaving a little time for a few questions. After just twelve minutes total, a signal will be given and the missionaries will move on to the next group while the attendees get to stay in one place and soak in the information. Once the missionaries have made the complete rounds, the formal program is over but the missionaries will linger near a few informational tables to answer additional questions. Doing the math, attendees should be free to leave around 8 o’clock.
Who are the missionaries that will be there?
There are two local couples: one serving law enforcement chaplains and the other using the platform of athletics to reach the hearts of high school and college aged young people. Two are part of national ministries: one couple works to help communities thrive at The Dream Center in Utah while the other makes inroads to and through the motorcycle culture. Globally, there are three couples coming: one changing the lives of HIV/AIDS children in Uganda, one coordinating and overseeing efforts to reach our adopted region of Georgia and Armenia, and one amazing couple serving in a sensitive region where God’s love shines bright in a dark place.
Why do I have to sign up?
With seven couples trying to talk in the same room all at the same time without microphones…let’s just say seating is limited within each cluster of tables so that everyone can hear our guests.
Will you feed me?
Yes. There will be food.
What does it cost?
It’s free. You just have to sign up ahead of time to guarantee a seat.
What about my kids?
Childcare is provided, but must be signed up for in advance. Go to to make your reservations.
It’s not too late to get a date. Sign up at the missions table in the mall to reserve your seat. And while you are there, buy your tickets for Sunday evening’s Food, Faith & Foth event and put your name in the drawing for the amazing handwoven rug from the country of Georgia.

Love Reaches: A Mission For Everyone

Over the past year, there have many internal changes within the Love Reaches (Missions) department, including the shift from a single overseeing pastor to a team approach. Since then, the missions leadership has been praying for wisdom about where God is taking us in the future and how more people can get involved. 
As we move towards Missions Focus weekend, here are a few thoughts to ponder:
  • Timberline Church exists to lead people into transforming relationships with Jesus Christ and others.
  • We value being respectful of people’s journey, being relational in building bridges to our community and world, being relevant in communicating truth, and being real in living and teaching.
  • We help accomplish these through expressing the message of Jesus in word and deed.
  • At Timberline, “Love Reaches” is not an add-on ministry, rather it is at the core of who we are.
  • Our “Love Reaches” responsibility is to spread the Gospel locally, nationally, and around the world.
  • Our intention is to provide opportunities for every Timberliner to be able to invest their time, talent, and treasure by praying, giving, or going.
  • We believe that as people become engaged in serving, life change occurs.
  • Our plan is to come alongside and enhance the long term work on the ground where our missionaries serve as they meet the physical and spiritual needs of their communities towards long term impact for the Kingdom.
  • We work to support our missionary partners in a way that benefits their work and not our agenda.
  • We know that God does not need us to accomplish His will on Earth, but realize that He wants us to participate.
All that to say, Love Reaches is and has a mission for everyone. How will you answer the call?

Enter To Win a Piece of the Redemption Story


It’s not a celebration without a door prize and this year’s Missions Focus features a handwoven masterpiece from the Republic of Georgia. Behind the rich colors and intricate design however, lies an even more beautiful glimpse into the redemption story.

Once upon a time, the Azerbaijani people were known for their beautiful rugs. The skill was passed on from grandmothers to mothers to daughters and many of their finished products are currently displayed in museums around the world. But as modernization crept into the culture, carpets replaced rugs, machines replaced women, and synthetic dyes replaced the natural colors until the tradition almost vanished.


Along came a man who had studied how to make rugs and how to dye the yarn made from hand-spun wool. This same man and his wife longed to build bridges of relationship to reach this primarily Muslim people group, starting with those living inside the borders of the Republic of Georgia. Because of their desire to resurrect this lost art and provide a sustainable income for a family, they started to teach women to weave again. Today, all proceeds from the sale of each rug remain in the weaver’s village. (Find out more about the rugs at

Timberline Missions has purchased one of these rugs, specifically one featuring the Tree of Life design. Valued at $1200, the rug measures six feet two inches by four feet seven inches. The weaver, a woman named Mubarak, is the youngest of twelve children and has a daughter of her own. Using her eye for color, she has placed a personal touch within the design using drawings from her child’s school notebook.


In addition to the usual blue and white trees on a red background, she has included a collection of animals and family members including butterflies, shepherds, turtles, children, and reindeer.

How can you enter to win this gorgeous reminder to pray for the Azerbaijani people and the Republic of Georgia? Simply stop by the missions table in the mall during one of the weekend services in March to put your name in the drawing. The winning name will be announced Sunday evening April 2nd during the Food, Faith, and Foth event.

Plan Now For Missions Focus 2017


Missions Focus 2017 is one month away but you should start planning now. Why? Because it’s YOUR story too and since there is limited seating available at several of the events, advance sign-up is required.

Missions Focus kicks off on April 1st and 2nd with our regular weekend services featuring our very own Missions Specialist Norm Edwards as the speaker. In addition to the services, there will be many tables in the mall featuring upcoming short term trips, our visiting missionary guests, and your last chance to enter the drawing for the hand-woven rug. (This rug has a remarkable story that we’ll be sharing on Monday.)

Sunday night, April 2nd, features “Food, Faith, and Foth” including a catered dinner, an inspiring talk by a former missionary kid, Pastor Dick Foth, and then announcement of the winner of the rug. Tickets are $5.00 to help cover some of the cost of the meal and can be purchased at the Missions table in the mall any weekend in March. Childcare will be provided but must be signed up for in advance. Seating is obviously limited so make plans to get your tickets early.

Have you ever wanted to find out about several missionaries in a short amount of time? If so, Speed-Date-A-Missionary is the event for you since it offers the chance to hear from seven different missionary couples serving locally, nationally, or around the world. Sign up is required to attend either Monday or Tuesday night (April 3rd or 4th) since seating is limited. This event is free. Childcare will be provided with advance registration and a light meal will be served. The program is the same each evening so pick the night that works best for you.

This is the year for Missions to become YOUR story. Stop by the missions table in the mall during the weekend services in March to find out more about our short-term trips and get signed up for a Speed Date or Food, Faith, and Foth.

Still Gaining a New Perspective On Missions


Last fall, Timberline Church helped sponsor a Perspectives On Missions 15-week course with future sessions being planned. One attendee—a 71-year-old former missionary and sole caregiver for her 96-year-old mother—signed up for the course, then took the plunge to complete the work at the Certificate level. In addition to the weekly teachings and reading assignments, Gwen Kovac also completed several written responses that were graded.

Gwen offered to share pieces of those assignments as a glimpse into how delving into the call of missions through the class material touched and transformed her heart.

“When I started this course I had no idea what it really was…I was concerned that it would be impossible to keep up with the reading and the assignments…I spend hours reading and answering the questions of the review. However, my joy with studying the Word of God through a different Perspective has enlightened me and opened up a new world to the Scripture.


My prayer is that my passion for God and His purpose will never diminish but that it will greatly ignite and that my heart will rejoice by the things that rejoice the heart of God…I see and hear such strange things that churches call missions. I am not sure that worship is the object? Do we give God the glory? It appears that money and projects are the main interest. Are we seeking to instantly propagate the gospel as seen in the fly-by-day, evangelize-by-night, and leave the interested or new converts behind efforts? That doesn’t complete the mandate Christ has given us. Where is the movement of baptized and obedient disciples capable of evangelizing their entire people?

(The story of) Hudson Taylor impacts me…Hudson was convinced that the Great Commission was not given only to those in Jesus’ time…At the age of 21, he embarked for Shanghai (China) where he was disappointed in the lifestyle/ministry of the coastland missionaries and within less than one year he left for the interior where he felt the need for taking God’s love and God’s word was greater…chose to dress like the people he wanted to reach, learned their language…encouraged others to be lay missionaries without the university degrees expected of missionaries in those days…he trusted God because he was a man of faith…was not a lone ranger type missionary…didn’t become bitter over the time spent away from China, instead he saw God’s hand preparing him and getting him ready for the many willing to go to China…Within 20 years, there was one missionary in every province in China. He lived long enough to see 800 missionaries in China and Mongolia.

gwen Kovac 2010

The “Task Remaining” of this century requires prayer warriors of obedience and action to worship God, ask for His will to be done, and bring His glory and blessings to all the people…We must respect the way people identify themselves at any particular time. And it is true that it may scramble our categories or lists of people groups.  As those who take God’s blessing we must build bridges between multilingual, multiracial groups, the churched and the unchurched, the poor and the rich…My personal concern is that our strategies can become a scientific method without seeking God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. People become objects, numbers of the goal-oriented person and the cry “No man cares for my soul” is only a cry from history…If only mission agencies would not pull effective missionaries away from “reached groups” but rather mobilize many new missionaries from the rapidly expanding global Church.


On the idea of building cross-cultural belonging and communication: I wish that missionaries would “humanize” their water, building, and slum projects. For whom and why are they raising money? People are not a project. They are made in the image of God. They are not just a classification for some missiologist or ethnic study. I have had tribal people tell me “thank you for not sitting there with a notebook studying us and writing about every move we make as if we were monkeys. You love us”…To be a missionary is not just to go on an adventure trip whether a week or for years. It is the most fun, fulfilling life of God’s victories even in death. Lord, here I am, use me, spend me!


On the idea of missions strategies: Could I become so focused on my missional strategies that I forget that it is the Holy Spirit who convicts of sin and calls man to repentance? Who does the work of transformation?… Does wanting to become like the people we love lead us into syncretism and we forget that it is God’s love not ours that will save them? Do we get so caught up in our motives, in our desires to make others become believers that we actually interfere and damage the people’s cultures? Are we so goal oriented in “our mission” that we leave out the very One of interest, the One who called us?…I am thrilled to think of the viable indigenous church as the organic church.

How can I fear to go wherever He might lead me? If God can shut the mouths of lions, if God can cause communism to open the doors of blessing and freedom of worship for the peoples of Mongolia…He will take care of me. His Word will be carried around the world by those willing to spend their lives for Our Father, the God of Abraham.”

As you ponder the thoughts of one woman who was stretched to view missions in a new way and begin to pray and respond accordingly, ask if God is calling you to learn more of His heart for the world? Discover more ways to get involved locally, nationally, and globally during the upcoming Missions Focus and consider signing up for the Perspectives class the next time it is offered.