Enter To Win a Piece of the Redemption Story


It’s not a celebration without a door prize and this year’s Missions Focus features a handwoven masterpiece from the Republic of Georgia. Behind the rich colors and intricate design however, lies an even more beautiful glimpse into the redemption story.

Once upon a time, the Azerbaijani people were known for their beautiful rugs. The skill was passed on from grandmothers to mothers to daughters and many of their finished products are currently displayed in museums around the world. But as modernization crept into the culture, carpets replaced rugs, machines replaced women, and synthetic dyes replaced the natural colors until the tradition almost vanished.


Along came a man who had studied how to make rugs and how to dye the yarn made from hand-spun wool. This same man and his wife longed to build bridges of relationship to reach this primarily Muslim people group, starting with those living inside the borders of the Republic of Georgia. Because of their desire to resurrect this lost art and provide a sustainable income for a family, they started to teach women to weave again. Today, all proceeds from the sale of each rug remain in the weaver’s village. (Find out more about the rugs at rewoven.net.)

Timberline Missions has purchased one of these rugs, specifically one featuring the Tree of Life design. Valued at $1200, the rug measures six feet two inches by four feet seven inches. The weaver, a woman named Mubarak, is the youngest of twelve children and has a daughter of her own. Using her eye for color, she has placed a personal touch within the design using drawings from her child’s school notebook.


In addition to the usual blue and white trees on a red background, she has included a collection of animals and family members including butterflies, shepherds, turtles, children, and reindeer.

How can you enter to win this gorgeous reminder to pray for the Azerbaijani people and the Republic of Georgia? Simply stop by the missions table in the mall during one of the weekend services in March to put your name in the drawing. The winning name will be announced Sunday evening April 2nd during the Food, Faith, and Foth event.

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