Another Update About Giving From Timberkids!



As part of our annual Orphan Care Weekend focus, the Timberkids children’s ministry at Timberline Church set an ambitious goal to raise some money for a piggery at Cherish Uganda. (Read more about their goal here.) The numbers are in! Here’s an update from Pastor Donny Abbott:

For the month of October, Timberkids set a goal of raising $3500 to purchase pigs (Timberpigs) for Cherish Uganda. We asked kids to fill their cups with change during the month of October and to bring their cups back to church on Orphan Care Weekend (Nov. 5/6). That weekend the kids poured money from their cups into pig troughs. (Until the troughs began to sag along the bottoms!)


To get that weekend off to a good start we had live pigs on site to help get us into a giving mood.


I am happy to report that we ended up raising $3,648!!! This money will be used to greatly expand the current piggery at Cherish and will allow them to sell the pigs on the open market as a way of producing income. This is yet another step forward in helping Cherish to become sustainable while also creating awareness of who Cherish is and why they exist. For more info on Cherish please visit

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