Nine Days Way Too Fast – The Chile Trip Report


The mission team to Chile is back from its nine-day trip to Santiago in which they helped with youth outreach and a massive construction project that reaches hundreds of at-risk children for Christ. In spite of the fact that the entire team—consisting of people from Timberline and two other churches—only met after they were on the way to Chile, they worked very well together.


The highlights of the trip seemed to come every day as they reportedly had lots of fun together and laughed all the time. A construction high point: the team of missionaries on top of a 12-foot scaffolding successfully tying rebar by hand!


The team not only worked on construction but they also explored the city, played with local kids and enjoyed multi-cultural Sunday worship in the youth outreach center our missionary partners, the Mazureks, have helped establish in a nearby mining town. The preaching was in Spanish and the songs were in Spanglish, but the joy of worshiping the same God together was the language of the trip.


The Chile journey went beyond expectations. The only regret the team reportedly had was that the nine days went way too fast.

If you would like to help out in Chile, please visit the Mazureks’ site, Reaching and Raising at: Their ministry supports a church, school and rescue mission for abused kids in a place where 70% of all children are born outside of marriage.

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