Team Heading to Haiti


When a young woman visited Gressier, Haiti on a short-term missions trip in 2010, not an hour had gone by and God had already begun working in her heart. In 2011, she founded an organization called Respire Haiti, which aims “to encourage, educate and empower restaveks, orphans and vulnerable children” ( Now with the help of a full staff of teachers, medical professionals and mission teams, Respire Haiti provides nutrition and water, physical activity, safety for girls, medical care and education for over 500 children annually inside their 14-classroom campus.

From October 23-30, 2016, Timberline will send a mission team to assist with a special project with Respire Haiti. Our eleven team members, led by Josh and Nicole Stone, will be bringing school supplies and other needed items into the country. The team will help with assisting in remodeling a cafe with building materials that were generously donated by Timberline Church. In the afternoons, they will help with English, dance and music classes in the school. The team will also focus on fellowship with people in the community as well as the staff at Respire Haiti.

The team hopes that their efforts will have a lasting impact on those they encounter. Please pray for this team as they visit Gressier, Haiti. They will need prayer for safety and strength. Also pray that God will keep their minds and hearts open as they experience the culture in Gressier. The team also trusts that God will use this time to speak to them in life-changing ways as they experience His work.

For more information about Respire Haiti, please go to:

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