Construction Team Headed for Chile on September 19th


Jim & Ester Mazurek live in Santiago, a city of 6.5 million people where over 70% of all babies are born outside a marriage. Currently, the Mazureks are building a Church/School complex of buildings to house the Santiago Children’s Ministries Outreach Center. In this center, they hope to roll together a church, school and rescue mission for abused kids that can reach hundreds of children for Christ.

Timberline—along with 2 other Assemblies of God churches in Greeley and Del Norte—has answered the Mazureks’ call for help as we send over a dozen workers to Chile from September 19-29th, 2016. The team aims to accomplish two main tasks while on location. First, they will work in a small mining town at a new youth outreach facility that Timberline Church helped acquire through a generous contribution. Second, the team will continue with construction on the sanctuary at the main complex in Santiago.

Please pray for the entire mission team as they travel to Chile to help the Mazureks. Pray for health and protection. Pray for swift and sturdy construction of all structures. Pray for open hearts ready to build not just structures but also relationships. And pray that people will be encouraged in both the southern and northern hemispheres as we continue to see what God does in Chile.

Are you interested in more information about the Mazureks and their Santiago-based mission? Please visit their website:

They could always use your help and prayers.

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