Which One Day of Yours will Help Feed the World?

One Day 2016 logo

This coming weekend, August 27th and 28th, Timberline Church will be collecting a special offering during every service. The intent is for each person to plan now to set aside and give one day of their annual wages in order to serve the most vulnerable people in our community and around the world. After doing the math, many also circle one day on the calendar to represent the day they are working to help others.

Proceeds from the One Day to Feed the World offering will be primarily given to Convoy of Hope with some funds reserved to meet needs in our local community. In addition to feeding programs and agricultural training in impoverished nations, Convoy of Hope also mobilizes from warehouses around the world in times of disaster like the recent Louisiana floods. Thanks to past generosity in offerings just like this one, Timberline Church was already helping to provide affected families with food, water, cleaning supplies, and hygiene kits before sending a physical team of our own yesterday.

Plan now to give this weekend or go online to www.timberlinechurch.org and click on “Give” at the top of the webpage if you’d rather give electronically or will be out of town.

Because our “One Day” transforms their every day, which “One Day” of yours will help feed the world?

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