Introducing Timberline Ambassador Abby Stewart


Abby Stewart has attended Timberline for ten years with her family. After graduating from high school last year, she’s been working two jobs and seeking God’s direction. While she’s been a Christian most of her life, the past two years were filled with some serious health problems that opened her eyes to the world and as God spoke to her heart, she discovered what it really means to be a Christian.

During last year’s short-term missions trip to Hillcrest Children’s Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Abby began to feel God pulling on her heart and by the end of the trip, she did not want to leave. After investigating whether it was possible to return and serve by herself, Abby will be leaving on May 31st to return to the Hillcrest Children’s Home. Over the next six weeks, she will be working with the kids and staff there as well as helping with visiting missions teams, including one from Timberline Church.

Her main goal in this journey is to learn. As Abby shares, “I want to learn the hearts of the staff members but also the kids. I want to see how God uses me. I want to be able to speak into lives and not just talking but being present in lives out there.  My main goal is to fall so hard in love with the Lord and I want my actions to show how much I adore the Lord! People usually ask “why Arkansas?” Well, why not? I don’t just love the campus but I love walking out the airport doors and feeling the humidity and knowing this is where God has placed me for a reason.” She is looking forward to this trip because of growing together with those she already knows as well as the opportunity to meet new people.

While she is gone, please pray for Abby because this is the first time she’s been away from home this long. Pray that her health stays in good condition and that God would confirm His will while she’s there.  Also pray for strength, wisdom, and confidence. As Abby shares, “My biggest challenge is going to be the fact I will have to be strong for myself and for the people on the campus. I’m an emotional person so that’s going to be a big challenge is that I will be facing more adverse situations than I have before.”

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