Missions Week Recap: SERVE 6.8


One of the spotlight nights during Missions Week 2016 was about our local partnership with SERVE 6.8. The Storytellers Team caught up with them to ask a few questions for those who were unable to attend that night, starting with a little history of what SERVE 6.8 has done to serve our local community.

SERVE 6.8 began as a volunteer led movement in April 2012, launching out of Timberline Church, to serve vulnerable populations with various outreaches such as Building Hope. The goal was to serve the community with no strings attached. Soon after, SERVE 6.8 began working with Disaster Relief in the summer of 2012 after the High Park and Estes Park Fires. SERVE 6.8 was able to serve over 55 families that were victims of the Fires with either financial assistance or fire recovery projects.

SERVE 6.8 became an independent 501c3 nonprofit in February 2013, when taking over ownership and operation of the Sister Mary Alice Murphy Center for Hope. The Murphy Center was overseen by SERVE 6.8 from July 1, 2013 to December 4, 2015.

During the Northern Colorado Floods of September 2013, SERVE 6.8 partnered with the Red Cross to provide the main Evacuation Center for Larimer County. Continuing their presence in the community during the recovery phase, SERVE 6.8 provided flood survivors with access to debris removal projects, heavy equipment, and community resources. SERVE 6.8 completed 92 flood-related projects, with 1,420 volunteers and 9,885 volunteer hours. In the spring of 2014, SERVE 6.8 also partnered with Larimer County to provide over 60,000 free, filled sandbags for residents impacted by the floods and fires with concerns of spring run-off.

SERVE 68 Resource-Center

Today, SERVE 6.8 runs two program, the Resource Center and Community Impact. The Resource Center was launched April 13, 2015 and provides care to those experiencing financial hardship in our community. Community Impact is the continuation of the original Building Hope initiative and serves vulnerable populations through small home repairs, yard work, and moves. Our vision and mandate is to serve those who need to experience hope, healing, and self worth.

What were some of the highlights from the Spotlight evening during Missions Week 2016? We heard the round-table brainstorming was quite productive.

The biggest highlight from the spotlight event during Missions Week at Timberline Church, besides gaining project ideas for a Church-wide service day in July, was to begin to introduce people to the discipleship of poverty alleviation and how they can begin this journey.

SERVE 68 round tables

Speaking of which, how can people get involved with SERVE 6.8 in the next month or so? Would they sign up on your website?

Anyone interested in becoming a team member with SERVE 6.8 and serving with us within the next few months can sign up for volunteer opportunities on our website or through the links on our Serving Opportunity e-mails. You can get connected to our e-mails by signing up on our Get Involved page with the Team Member Application Form.

What’s the next step in your overall vision? What can Timberline Church expect to see in the months and years to come as we continue this partnership?

Over the next few years we will continue to work on growing our programs and becoming more independent, while Timberline Church continues to be a valuable partner of SERVE 6.8 as a partner church at the Resource Center and supports the work we are doing in the community. We currently have eight partner churches of the Resource Center and will continue to grow our partnerships as we work to combine community church resources to best care for our neighbors in need. Our vision is for the Resource Center to expand its services and hours of operation while deepening and growing church partnerships. Lastly, you will continue to see us provide consistent care and our poverty alleviation philosophies to those in need in our city.

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