Missions Week Recap: Cherish Uganda and TimberKids

Cherish uganda two kids

One of the spotlight evenings during Missions Week 2016 focused on our partnership with Cherish Uganda and the amazing things Timberline Church’s children have done to help.  Cherish Uganda (cherishuganda.org) exists to restore life and create hope for a future for children living with HIV. Among the vast numbers of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda, children with HIV can be considered “the least of the least” as they are often overlooked or unseen. With very little care offered through their homes, school, and now hospital, Cherish Uganda has been able to be part of the redeeming story God wants to author in the lives of these precious children.

TimberKids has been partnering with Cherish since 2013. Since that time Timberkids has funded:

  • 500 Chickens (raised $2500)
  • A brand new chicken house (raised $5000)
  • A new motorcycle (raised $3500)
  • A new playground (raised $5000)
  • A used car (raised $5000)

TimberKids also encourages the children every weekend to bring their offering to support Cherish and routinely receive anywhere from $50 – $100. Of that roughly $4000 a year from the weekend offering, half goes to support Pastor Brent & Leah Phillips and their personal expenses and half goes to the operation budget for Cherish. In addition to giving toward projects and expenses, in 2013 Pastor Donny also led a team of 12 people to visit Cherish for a short term mission’s trip.

This summer during their Vacation Bible School, TimberKids hopes to raise $11,500 for a new rainwater holding system for Cherish. The total cost is $25,000, but they are partnering with a church in San Jose, CA to help fund the project. The cool thing is that the Mission’s Department at Timberline Church will match whatever money the kids raise. Pastor Donny received this email from Pastor Brent at Cherish that illustrates the importance of water to Cherish:

 “I am in Kampala for meetings today and just received a call from a staff member that says the road to Cherish from the highway is blocked in a few different places. The villagers are protesting and not letting anyone through. I then get a call from the office right after that the water has been off for a day (the reserve tanks only last 1 day and are now empty) & the few working rain tanks that we have are empty. So there is no water on site.

When this has happened in the past we hire a water truck to bring us water & fill up a few tanks to get us by until the water comes back on or the rain comes. Well, since the road is blocked we can’t get a truck down to us. We are now going to the lake & filling jerrycans to get us through today (We have just over 400 people on site everyday) & then we will be doing that again tomorrow and the next day, until the water comes back on. I just tell you this to let you know how important this is to us and how grateful we are for your partnership!”

What’s up next? First, Timberline Church can expect to see a lot of activity getting ready for Vacation Bible School and will certainly have need for many volunteers. The children’s ministry staff will also be working hard to get this missions project in front of the kids so they can start getting excited about making such a huge difference across the world.  Lastly, Pastor Donny is considering another trip to Cherish Uganda in the summer of 2017.

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