A Fond Farewell from Pastor Mark Orphan

Mark Family Pic

Dear Timberline Church Family and Missionary Partners,

I have been in a focused season of prayer over the last few months concerning my future in ministry leadership.  This season of prayer has affirmed a calling to support the work that God is doing through the Genesis Project network of churches. Beginning January 1, 2016 I feel compelled to support the church planting efforts of the small group of GP churches in communities who need an embedded church model, like we have here in Fort Collins.  I believe that God is calling me to take this step of faith to seek out new sources of income to support my family while I use my gifts to help grow the network of GP churches. Serving the greater network of Genesis Project churches would also allow Kristin and I the ability to provide volunteer leadership for GP Fort Collins.  

I have had the opportunity to work with many of you over the last six years and am grateful for the work that you do.  Your steps of obedience in ministry are making an eternal impact in the areas that you serve. 

My time at Timberline Church has been an incredible blessing to me and my family.  I will be forever grateful for the way that my family has been cared for while I have been here and for the team that I have been able to work with.

Please know we are praying for you and the ministry that God has called you to.  The leadership team at Timberline is making decisions regarding a future staff member for our Missions Department.  While they are in that process our Missions office is open and available for you as needed.


Mark Orphan


One response to “A Fond Farewell from Pastor Mark Orphan

  1. Blessings to you and your family as you follow God’s leading.

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