Sweet Memories in Hot Springs – The 2015 Hillcrest Trip Report

Hillcrest team 2015

Once again, the Timberline Church trip to the Hillcrest Children’s Home in Hot Springs, Arkansas was filled with special moments that turned into sweet memories. The team’s theme verse this year was from John 15:4 to “abide in the Lord” and they discovered practical ways to stay connected to God while busy serving others.

After painting one of the cottage parents’ apartments in the morning, the team planned afternoon and evening activities with the kids and the young adults. The team’s favorite memory from the trip was their annual talent show. This year the team did several skits together and also participated in skits with the kids.


One of the many memories they treasured was the minor league baseball game in Little Rock where they took the entire campus to see the Travelers play. They were treated to an awesome fireworks display and had a cook out with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and soda.

They also spent two afternoons with the younger kids and their cottage parents at the local amusement park. The kids chose whether they wanted to go to the water or rides side of the park. Then the team members joined up with the kids to go on the rides while the cottages parents got to relax and enjoy some time for themselves. Team member Abby Stewart said, “It was amazing to watch the parents relax and not have to worry and chase down their kids.”


More ending thoughts from some of the team members: “It was a great experience and I look forward to going again next year.” – Evan Vaughn

“I really like going on the trip because I get to see all the kids and I love seeing how much progress the kids have made in the past year or so.” –Sadie Orphan

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