Transforming Ogden – The 2015 Trip Report

2015 Ogden team pic

(Thanks to team leader Troy Knuppel for providing this report for us to share.) A team of 15 people from Genesis Project Fort Collins traveled to Ogden, Utah for the 2015 Wanna Give Away Ogden. It was a time of serving the city of Ogden, the people, and the Body of Christ. Projects that were worked included removing a section of approximately 450 feet of old rotten fence and replacing it with a new 5 rail fence. We had the opportunity to work alongside the city of Ogden employees, men that were on work release from the county jail, fellow GPers from both Fort Collins and Ogden, as well as a youth team from Denver. 

2015 Ogden fence work

Others dove in and were a huge part of the cooking team that fed many, many people over the long weekend. Others did ROCK (Random Outbreaks of Community Kindness) projects. These were such things as going to local businesses and purchasing items, then handing the items out. One example of this was purchasing tacos from a taco stand and then handing the tacos out to homeless friends in a park. Many other ROCKed events took place over the weekend as well.

2015 Ogden gutted house

Next, part of our team assisted in demoing small houses that are next to the new Genesis Project building (called Hub 801). The object was to gut the houses down to the studs of the home so that new drywall can be installed and be a open rooms for different ministries to home base out of. The exciting part of this was one of the houses was an ex-meth house. It had been mitigated prior to this weekend. Something that was once used for evil is now being redeemed for good. Other projects were highway cleanup, taking flowers to a senior living home, and beautifying Ogden by various jobs that the city allowed us to do.

2015 Ogden worship band

On Saturday afternoon a carnival was the thing to do for the community with a petting zoo, horse rides, bounce houses, and different worship bands filling the air waves with the sweet sound of praise to God. The weekend finished with attending Sunday morning service at the new HUB 801 campus and worshiping with everyone. 

Overall, it was an awesome time of serving with old friends as well as working side by side with new friends.


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