Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Jazmyn Markel



Jazmyn and students

Jazmyn Markel spent the first part of 2015 in Tanzania as a Timberline Ambassador. Now home, we asked her to share more about her experiences:

“While I was in Tanzania I taught three days a week at a local primary school and then spent Tuesdays and Thursdays in town helping in an orphanage. As far as the ministry went, I loved every moment of it. I want to be a teacher as my profession after I graduate from college, so it was great practical experience. And of course having been an adopted child, orphanages hit close to home. That was also an amazing opportunity to just love kids in the name of Jesus Christ.

Jazmyn and orphans

There were a lot of challenging parts but that is to be expected. The growth I experienced truly was amazing and I enjoyed every moment that the Lord stretched and pruned me. Missions is something that I have always thought very strongly about.

Jazmyn at clinic

I love the idea of reaching the unreached, but my desire to do more longer trips has diminished as there are a lot of things I never thought about before. I do know that there is such a mission field right here in Fort Collins, Colorado. I plan to bring that missional mindset to college with me this fall.”

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