Introducing Timberline Ambassadors – The Scanlan Family


With five of their six children out of the home, Rick and Barb Scanlan decided it was time to downsize to a smaller house. Then, God placed the desire in their hearts to use their skills to serve those working to make the Scriptures available to people in their heart languages. So, at the end of March, the Scanlans and their youngest daughter, Lexi, moved to Sentani, Papua in Indonesia and settled into a 12 by 37 foot basement apartment.

As missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Rick will be the business manager and Barb will help teach at the Hillcrest International School, serving the children of missionary families while the parents labor to accurately convey the true meaning of Scripture through translation work. Wycliffe’s Vision 2025 seeks to have translation work started in each of the remaining 1900 languages spoken by 180 million people who have yet to hear a single verse in their heart language.

hillcrest international school

The Scanlans have been in their new home for a few weeks now and are settling in. Of course, there have been adjustments as Rick caught up with budgeting issues, Lexi jumped into classes mid-semester, and Barb navigated how to shop for and prepare different foods. They experienced their first earthquake on their fourth day in Indonesia and all three are now taking a language class together. Of course, after a week on the ground, they were still waiting for most of their luggage to arrive.

While they are gone, the Scanlans are asking for prayer support because they realize that their biggest battles will be spiritual as they live in a predominantly Muslim country. Please also pray for them as they learn the language and make new friends.

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