Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Kaitlyn Brunswig

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We asked Kaitlyn to share with us a few stories about her recent adventure in Belize, what God did in her life, and what’s next.

“While I was in Belize, I did several different things.  For the first couple days, I worked at the LOL Orphanage.  One of the days I hung out with the kids, helping them with their school work and playing games with them.  The next day, I painted a building that they are expanding the orphanage with.  After a couple days at the orphanage, my team and I hiked to Graham Creek, a remote village in Belize.  We spent three days there.  We prepared an entire day’s worth of lesson plans to teach them in school.  We taught them the days of creation and came up with lots of skits, crafts, songs, and games to play with them.  When we weren’t teaching, we spent all our time playing with them.  They loved soccer, duck, duck, goose, and taking pictures.

The entire trip was amazing, but my favorite part was Graham Creek.  I loved spending time with the kids in the village, especially because they were just as excited as us that we were there.  As soon as we walked into the village after the long hike we could hear cheering but couldn’t tell where it was coming from.  Then, when we got up over the hill we saw that all the kids in the village had come out of their schoolhouse and were cheering for us because they were so excited we were there.  We were told that we were the first people outside of the village to come to Graham Creek in two years because it was so remote and hard to get to.

kaitlyn brunswig belize team

The biggest struggle on the trip was the hike to Graham Creek.  It took us almost five hours, carrying a thirty-five pound pack, and walking through knee-deep mud the entire way.  It was quite an adventure!  We lost our shoes and socks multiple times and were falling in the mud a lot!  Everyone on my team made it fun and humorous though, so it actually wasn’t bad.

I saw God show up in many areas throughout the trip.  One night in Graham Creek, we were invited to a church service.  Most of them  spoke Q’eqchi’ in the church service.  They were singing and speaking in Q’eqchi’ and we had no idea what they were saying, but it didn’t matter.  It was cool to see that even though we speak two different languages, we serve the same God.  That was just one of the many incredible ways that I saw God in a new way on the trip.  We really saw Him in everything did and everywhere we went.

As for future plans, I will be going to Grand Canyon University next year.  However, I want to go back to Belize and I also would love to go on more mission trips in the future.”

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