Highlights From Missions Week

Missions Week campus ministries

During Missions Week 2015, the focus was on finishing the work that God began and Jesus instructed his disciples to continue. There is a finish line ahead and our guest missionaries issued a challenge to all of us to pray, give, and go in order to Finish The Work. Here are some of highlights.

Weekend Services with Missionary Norm Edwards (Europe):

  • God chooses the least likely to announce the greatest news.
  • It was a normal automatic response and desire to let others know what Jesus had done for them.
  • When the “least likely” share, God empowers the message for consistently great results.
  • God wants to use us to share the story and we can expect God to intervene supernaturally to help Finish the Work.

Sunday morning at Timberline Windsor with Timberline Ambassador George Sisneros (Guatemala):

  • God is looking for the willing, not the qualified.
  • Are you willing to get uncomfortable?
  • You are a missionary to the world every day when you step out your door because you don’t have to go to another country to love your neighbor.


Monday night talk with a Timberline Ambassador serving in a sensitive area and Isaac Olivarez with Urban Outreach in Denver:

  • “The Work” of God in a region is also a work inside the missionary.
  • Sometimes the task is tilling the field and picking up rocks to soften the ground for later seeds to be planted.
  • Answering the call: Wherever God wants me to be for however long He says, my answer is “Yes.”

Tuesday night talk with Missionaries serving in a sensitive area and Doug and Suzan Scott serving with Global University  in South Africa:

  • Don’t fix your eyes on results. Your job is to share Jesus and leave salvation up to God.
  • In a performance-centered culture, the unconditional love of God speaks right to the heart.
  • In the poorest of areas, many pastors have no training and often not even a complete copy of the Bible.
  • Training national church pastors to go back to their cultural context and language also benefits the work of compassion ministries like feeding centers.

Wednesday night service with campus ministries working at CSU:

  • In a college town, the world comes to you every August. Not only are students open to learning, adults with college degrees go on to influence the world marketplace.
  • In this four-year window, are we influencing world changers for good or for bad?
  • What God does in you, He wants to do through you in whatever corner of the world you occupy.

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