Introducing Timberline Ambassador Daniel Kohout

Daniel Kohout

Daniel Kohout grew up around Timberline Church including being baptized and attending high school youth group there. After starting college at Colorado Christian University, he spent a great deal of time in prayer and soul searching before it became clear God was calling him to step out in a different direction.

Daniel has just begun the Crossroads Discipleship Training School with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Colorado Springs. After a four-month training portion, he will go on a two-month outreach to a location still to be decided.  This will be his first ministry opportunity overseas. (UPDATE: 2/2/15 – Daniel posted on his blog that his team will be headed to Cambodia!)

As he says, “My goals are to be completely transformed by Christ. I don’t want to be just any ‘Sunday morning Christian’, I want to be the type of Christian we were truly called to be- the kind that sparks revivals, plants churches, and hands out Bibles in the middle North Korea. Ultimately, I hope to change the world for God however big or small.”

While he is gone, Daniel asks that we pray that God molds him into the man God wants him to be and that God blesses their team with opportunities to reach people wherever they are sent. You can follow his journey at

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