Colorado Gives Day on December 9

Colorado Gives Day 2014

The Colorado First Foundation and 1st Bank are teaming up again to provide an easy way to give to your favorite non-profit organization, including SERVE 6.8 and their work at The Murphy Center. Visit the website’s page about SERVE 6.8 to find out more about specific projects, watch a video, and see pictures of where donations are being put to good use in our community.

While Colorado Gives Day is December 9th, donations can be pre-scheduled, meaning you can set it up right now while you are thinking about it and have it count toward tomorrow’s totals. Need another reason to give?

1. Bank fees will be reduced on December 9th, meaning organizations will get more of the donated money.

2. Matching money. There is currently a matching fundraiser going on for the first $25,000 raised.

3. Incentive fund. Once the totals are calculated and converted into a percentage, each of the participating non-profit organizations will get a corresponding slice of  a $1 million pie.

4. For donations over $500, there is a 25% Enterprise Zone State Tax Credit available. Go to for the form to fill out.

5. Celebration event on December 9, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Compass Cider House at 216 North College Avenue in Fort Collins. In addition to an evening of food and fun, those who donate on the 9th have the option of a 1/2 price Flight of Cider or a BOGO on a Full Pour (non-alcoholic varieties available.).

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