Blessed Blankets

blessed blankets

Blessed Blankets is a group of volunteers at Timberline Church who create and distribute handmade prayer blankets to orphans.  Conceived in 2009, their mission is to “blanket orphans of all ages in the love of God.” They call their creations prayer blankets because they encourage the blanketeer (blanket maker) to pray over themselves, the blanket, and the blanket recipient as they work on the blanket and when it is finished the group prays over the blankets again. Their prayer is that the recipients would receive a supernatural message from God with the blanket that He loves them, they are His children, and that His Presence surrounds them.

Most of the ladies in the group prefer to work on their projects at home and drop them off at Guest Services in labeled bags at their convenience. A small group meets regularly on the 2nd Tuesday night of the month to enjoy the fellowship as they work on their projects together. The blankets come in all sizes from baby quilts to lap robes and larger and can be knit, crocheted, sewn, tied, or quilted. They are distributed as the donations come in.

blessed blankets 2

The group started out sending the blankets to an orphanage in Haiti but more recently have supplied blankets to Larimer County children entering Foster Care. (Often, these children are taken from their parents with only the clothes on their backs so the blankets are an extra blessing.) Blankets also go to the Hub that serves homeless teens, many of which are single mothers and may be living in cars or on the street.

How can you get involved?

  1. Become a blanketeer. You can make whatever pattern you like. However, for tied fleece blankets, they have developed an instruction sheet to keep the blankets from falling apart. Willing blanketeers with financial difficulties or those needing materials can contact the group leader and happily access the supply of donated goods.
  2. Donate washable yarn, fleece, flannel, washable fabrics, or thread for others to use.
  3. Plan to stop by the table in the Mall during Orphan Care Weekend November 8 and 9 and get more information.

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