The Mullaney Family Summer Adventure 2014

Mullaney family PR-HRM-DJM-Skype

What happens when one family from Timberline Church devotes their summer to a Kingdom adventure? Lives change. The Mullaney family (David, Roxana, Hannah, and DJ) wanted to join God in His plans for the people of Peru and Puerto Rico. So, in 2014, they began serving as Team Leaders for Life Tree Adventures (a branch of Group Publishing) and all four led in different ways.

The parents led 38 other “gringos” into the Peruvian jungle for a week. The Peruvian mission involved riding five hours up river from Pucallpa to the village of La Palestina. Their work revolved around building the first part of a training center and playing with the children of the village.

Mullaney family 1

Meanwhile, the Mullaney “kids” shared leadership responsibilities with other young adults leading hundreds of short term missionaries to various locations in Puerto Rico during June and July. The teams embarked on many varied projects from simple home repair to a complete home replacement.

For many of the participants (including David, the dad), this was a first-time mission trip. It was exciting for the Mullaney family to see how God equipped and blended the teams, resources and opportunities leading to strong, personal connections with the people they met. Along the way, they experienced strength, exertion, rest, safety, and recovery.

Mullaney family PR-HRM-DJM-Iguana

One highlight from Peru came when a support beam for the roof broke and two of the local Peruvians were in very real danger of crashing down across the open beams below. God provided protection by eliminating panic and mobilizing a team of short-term missionaries to bring the men down safely. Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, Hannah shared the story of an 85-year-old man whose home had been completely robbed. The city requested a skilled team to rebuild his house and two days later they learned a skilled team was coming from Tennessee. Over an incredible four days, the team rebuilt the man’s house while the local pastor explained the Gospel and led the man to Christ!

What’s next in terms of serving God this fall? God has already introduced the Mullaneys to many wonderful local neighbors and internationals in Fort Collins and those connections are strong. Hannah and DJ are attending CSU, including participation in campus ministries. Roxana has new clients requiring language interpretation in the clinics they visit. David transitioned from contractor to full-time employee with the State of Colorado, a Disaster Recovery project management position that is a natural extension of his previous flood and fire response with SERVE 6.8.


One response to “The Mullaney Family Summer Adventure 2014

  1. So awesome Hannah and DJ! Loved our mission trip to PR. Thank you for all you did there and are still doing for His Kingdom!!

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