Team Leaving For Uganda

2014 Uganda chicken house

An 11-member team from Timberline Church will be leaving for Uganda on July 31st. Over the next 8 days, they will be interacting with the rhythms of daily life at Cherish Uganda. This will include:

Health- There will be opportunities for the team to come alongside the daily running of the Akaloosa clinic, investing in the health of the children and community while learning about the realities of living with HIV/AIDS. The time spent will provide opportunities to grow mutual relationships with the medical team.

L♥VE- Cherish’s vision is to see each of the Timberline team members live the rhythm within their five homes- connecting with, building relationship with, and assisting an Akaloosa Mother & Auntie in the caring, cleaning, and cooking that goes on every day. This will allow each person to discover the stories, personalities, and challenges in that individual home.

2014 Uganda woman digging in garden

Prosperity- The team will also be paired up with the farm & compound staff to harvest passion fruits, collect eggs in their poultry farm, or beautify their compound. Once again, building one-on-one relationships with one of their staff is essential.

Education- Lastly, there will be opportunities to be partnered with a teacher in Hope Academy to inject each lesson with life, fun, and learning, while also getting to build relationship with the teacher, understanding his/her challenges, and share their stories and worlds. This will include after school clubs, reading stories to kids, teaching music & P.E., etc.

2014 Uganda school classroom

While the team is gone, please pray for:

  • Health and safety of team members as they travel.
  • That this trip would be more than just an exotic getaway, but that it would truly touch the lives of those going. (For example, one teen member of the team wants to be a doctor in the mission field.)
  • That Pastor Donny can capture video footage to bring back to Timberkids as a way of sharing how the kids at Timberline Church have been instrumental in supporting God’s work at Cherish through their weekly giving.
  • Because they are taking seven teenagers, please pray for their anxious parents at home.

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