Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Alex Piper


Soon-to-be-college-sophomore Alex Piper got his first taste of serving in missions back in June. As a volunteer staff member with Group Mission Trips, he traveled to Pensacola, Florida for a work camp. Youth groups from across the country gathered to repair homes for people in need with the cooperation of a local church and community sponsors.

Each small team was assigned a specific resident and devoted their days to painting and rebuilding as needed. Alex’s job was to travel from site to site taking before and after pictures as well as action shots to be incorporated in the evening program’s celebration slideshow. Each evening, the youth gathered for a time of worship and instruction around their theme–Repair: Be a Story of Transformation–as well as share stories from their day’s experiences.

Through the experience, Alex discovered a whole new world of service as he met new people and was able to mentor and counsel the youth on the work teams. One key memory was the reaction of one resident to seeing God’s love shared in action. She gave the team who worked on her house Florida T-shirts, plaques bearing the camp’s theme verse … and even blessed Alex with spare batteries for his camera.

Alex said he is definitely going back next summer and hopes to stay longer.

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