Love Reaches Has a Summer Intern

lance harper

Lance Harper, from Windsor, CO, is an Intercultural Studies major at Vanguard University in Southern California. This summer he is getting an inside look at global and local missions while discovering how a missions program operates through an internship at Timberline Church. One of his goals was to see how Pastor Mark Orphan and other missions leaders handle trips.

So far, Lance has gotten first-hand experience in the field as part of the construction trip to Guatemala as well as locally sitting in on SERVE 6.8 meetings and helping at the Murphy Center. He is currently with a team in Arkansas doing projects and working with the kids at the Hillcrest Children’s Home. After flying back to DIA, he will then be joining the team going to El Salvador to build latrines and work with the local church there. Once back in the office, he will continue to attend meetings about anything from global or local missions to SERVE 6.8 grants. In addition to meetings and trips, Lance is reading three different books and reporting to one of his professors in order to earn school credit for his service.

When asked for a highlight of his internship so far, Lance said the Guatemala trip was a blessing that taught him a lot about what global missions looks like. The biggest surprise so far has been seeing all that really goes into church work and discovering the many different ways to do ministry. When his internship is done mid-August, he will be returning to California for his junior year of college where he will continue to study missions and see where God leads him next.

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