Team Heading to El Salvador

latrine el salvador

A 29 member team (23 students/6 adults) from Timberline Church will be leaving for El Salvador on July 5th. Over the next 7 days, they will be building latrines with the local church through a partnership with ENLACE, presenting (at the invitation of the school principal) a skit and song at the public school where previous Timberline student teams built a retaining wall, playing games and interacting with the school children and staff, and going on in-home visits with the Salem church volunteers offering food, companionship and prayers for the sick and disabled.

The 65 latrines the students have raised funds to build will benefit an estimated 325 people living in El Carmen, reducing diarrhea prevalence by 25%, diarrhea morbidity by 35% and infant mortality by 33%.

While they are gone, please pray for:

  • Team unity, openness to God’s plan for this trip, and health for the team as they enter into areas of poor sanitation.
  • The local church and their impact into their community for Jesus.
  • Openness in the hearts of the community members they will be working with to see the reason they are being served is out of a servant heart’s love for Jesus.
  • Openness of the team’s hearts to learn and grow in the ways God has planned for each individual.

Learn more and get blog updates while they are gone at


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