Update on Timberline Ambassador Grace Pinner

Grace Pinner

Grace Pinner has wanted to be a missionary since she was a little girl, so when the opportunity came to attend a Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission (YWAM), she signed up. After three months of school (from October to December 2013), her eight-member team traveled to Bangladesh for their outreach portion.

During January and February of this year, Grace’s team ministered in three different cities and passed out tracts to people in the slums, villages, markets, and universities. Through their prayers, God healed a total of 300 people and brought 145 people into His Kingdom.


One special memory was praying for an elderly Hindu man who had chronic back pain for six or eight years. His back was in a curved posture, but after several times of prayer, God completely healed the man! The man invited them to his house a few days later and they were able to pray for many members of the village and see more miraculous healings.

After returning to the Jacksonville Beach, Florida base, Grace furthered her missions training through a Leadership Training School. In June, her new outreach team will be traveling through the Eastern side of the United States from Alabama to New York sharing about missions and what God is doing in the world. What’s next after that? She will be going to YWAM Worship School and outreach because she wants to sing and play the guitar and piano.

As Grace continues her missions adventure, please pray for:

  • A steady heart and mind focused on God.
  • Diligence to get the essential things done.
  • Health and discipline to take care of herself.
  • A balance between being responsible without bondage to perfection.
  • Wisdom and open doors for the future including her dream to be an nanny in an orphanage in China.

One response to “Update on Timberline Ambassador Grace Pinner

  1. Hannah Mullaney

    So excited to see the way God is working through and in your life!! He is always, always with you, LOVING you way more than you can even imagine!

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