Introducing Timberline Ambassadors – The Duus Family

The Duus Family

Do you remember the week-long Missions Celebration in March where several  missionaries were present? The Duus family met Pastor Araceli and quickly discovered that her passion is contagious. As a result, Nancy and Erlan Duus and their 14-year-old sons Evan and Ethan will be spending two months this summer (June 4 to August 1) in Guatemala City serving Pastor Araceli’s ministry at the elder home, orphanage, feeding center, … and at the health clinic that has been closed for two years since the volunteer doctor passed away.

Erlan Duus is a retired plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (ear/nose/throat doctor) who hopes to care for the medical needs of the senior women and children as well as train the existing home staff to provide better health care in the future. Nancy will be working with the senior women as they make and sell crafts as well as helping the staff teach the children English vocabulary. Evan and Ethan plan to play with the children, update Pastor Araceli’s website with more pictures and information, and generally be available for fix-it projects as needed. Of course, they will all pitch in to help with whatever Pastor Araceli needs done.

While they are in Guatemala, please pray for:

  • Their health and safety.
  • The opportunity to provide a “hand up” to others.
  • That Christ’s love is evidenced in their service.




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