Finally Home Foundation Is Growing Their Reach

Finally Home Foundation volunteers 2014

While May is officially National Foster Care month, Finally Home Foundation cares for foster and adoptive families year-round and the opportunities are growing. Here are a few of the highlights:

  1. Co-founder Kristin Orphan is rewriting the Family Wellness Curriculum to make it specific to foster and adoptive families and hopes to have that finished this fall. They are professionalizing their model for Family Wellness Events so they can train leaders and churches around the country to run these events.
  2. They added a Teen Titans program to the family events so that families can now come with children of all ages. In addition to a field trip and going out to lunch, the teens are poured into by awesome leaders and role models.
  3. Finally Home also gained two part-time employees this year and started a blog. Read more at

Finally Home Foundation fun 2014

How can you get involved? First, join them in prayer, help spread awareness, and learn more about their mission to support and encourage foster families at As  Finally Home Foundation continues to grow, funding is always important so consider making a donation through their website.

Second, their Family Wellness Events rely heavily on volunteers to help set up, prepare lunch, run the children’s program, and clean up. While two of this year’s scheduled events for Northern Colorado have already happened, the next Family Wellness Event is on September 13th. If you are interested in volunteering, contact them at

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