Team Heading to Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn sign

A six-member team from Timberline Church will be leaving for Dearborn, Michigan on May 17, 2014. Over the next seven days, they will be helping the Dearborn Assembly of God with a construction project in the church as well as with outreach to the local Muslim community. The church there purchased a former flower shop and is transforming the greenhouse portion of the building into an internet café as place to interact with the Dearborn population, which is almost 50% Muslim.

Team members will also help with ESL classes for the women, visit several local mosques, stores, museums and shops in order to learn about the Islam in America as well as be able to dialogue with Muslims about the Gospel.

While they are gone, please pray for

  • favor during contacts with local Muslims
  • great team rapport with each other as well as the Dearborn church members
  • wonderful learning opportunities for understanding Islam in America
  • encouragement in their own understanding that God is reaching Muslims for Christ.

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