Serving the Beautiful People of Peru – 2014 Trip Report

Peru team 2014 overlooking city of Puno

From the Uros and their floating reed islands high in the Andes Mountains at Lake Titicaca to the Shipibos in the jungles of Ucayali, the six-member team from Timberline Church spent their days serving the beautiful people of Peru.

After arriving in Peru, the team first traveled to the city of Puno on Lake Titicaca and adjusted to the 12,500 foot altitude. The next morning, they traveled to one of the Uros reed islands to enjoy a delicious grilled fresh trout dinner prepared by some ladies of the island followed by a tremendous time at the reed island church with a gospel presentation, prayer, and fellowship with local families. They delivered school supplies to the children before returning to Puno for an evening service where several gave their lives to Christ.

Peru Team 2014 Uro ladies cooking trout from Lake Titicaca

On Saturday, April 26, the team held a Children’s Education seminar for about 40 leaders and taught them how to do a “Kid’s Church” service followed by more fellowship and another church service. On Sunday, they had the privilege to see 65 children reap the immediate benefits of the training in addition to a chicken dinner lunch, a celebration time, sharing of testimonies, and an evening service challenge to fathers.

With their time in Puno complete, the team rose very early Monday morning to fly to Lima and on to city of Pucallpa in the Ucayali region with little time to rest before leading a Youth Seminar training for 75 youth and young adults followed by a delicious chicken dinner for everyone in attendance, prepared by ladies of the host church.

Peru Team 2014 youth seminar at church in Pucallpa

On Tuesday, they traveled by boat to the village of San Francisco to minister to the indigenous Shipibo tribe through a church service for the youth and children followed by chicken soup (with more chicken bought by Timberline Primetimers) and time spent with the families. One highlight was seeing the coconut trees behind the San Francisco church that the Timberline Joy Team planted with the Shipibo youth in 2003. The money from the harvested coconuts goes to support the church.

Peru team 2014 coconut trees

The team’s last day of ministry in Peru was spent hosting a Christian Education Seminar in Pucallpa with over 200 in attendance. They ended the day with a chicken dinner for everyone in attendance and another church service that evening which ended with prayer for the team before they prepared to return home by way of Lima.

While the team members were tired after their busy schedule, it was a “good tired.” Especially blessed was team leader Gwen Kovac who was able to reconnect with the Peruvian “family” she faithfully served for so many years.

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