Serve Out Loud 2014

Serve Out Loud 2014 Group
On Saturday, April 26th, 95 teenagers discovered that working together can be fun … and make a huge impact on the community. As part of the annual Serve Out Loud event, the goal was to partner with and support local ministries, give teens the opportunity to serve, and hopefully spark an ongoing attitude of service as individuals or small groups.

One area of emphasis was filling and stacking sandbags at the Budweiser Event Center. After the flood last fall and higher-than-normal snowpack levels, local officials have asked SERVE 6.8 to spearhead sandbagging efforts prior to the anticipated spring runoff from the mountains. By the end of the day, they had filled 19 pallets with about 1500 sandbags!

Serve Out Loud 2014 Sandbags 2

Another group of Middle Schoolers focused their efforts at The Murphy Center where they did deep spring cleaning, area clean up, dug the beds for the new community gardens, and created a footpath through the garden. Pastor Tim said the ground was super hard but the kids did great work.

Serve Out Loud 2014 yardwork

The last group of volunteers spread out with Finally Home Foundation to serve local foster families. Some painted fences, did yard work, or cleaned while others assembled a play structure. One family couldn’t stop thanking the team saying, “There is no way we could have done this without you … You are a Godsend. We are so blessed.”

Serve Out Loud 2014 playground

Want to see more? Check out this video from Timberline Youth Ministries and watch these amazing youth volunteers learn what it means to Serve Out Loud.

Serve Out Loud 2014 from Timberline Student Ministries on Vimeo.

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