Welcome Home Timberline Ambassador Emily Rosing

Emily Rosing 1

Jesus called ordinary fishermen to follow Him and become fishers of men. Taking this verse (Matthew 4:19) to heart, Timberline Ambassador Emily Rosing believed she too could be God’s disciple. Her first mission’s trip was to South Padre Island, Texas to share God’s love to college kids on Spring Break followed by a trip to Guatemala with nine70. Along the way, Emily discovered her heart’s burning passion to serve others which led to her latest 20-week adventure in Mexico.

Beginning last September, she spent twelve weeks completing a lecture phase with Discipleship Training School, in which she learned how to cultivate a life of intimacy with God. Emily learned how to listen to His voice by getting to know who He is and learning how much unconditional love He has for her and others. She felt God transform her heart in ways she knew only He could.

Emily Rosing 2

During the lecture phase, Emily’s heart reached out to Zona Norte in Tijuana, one of the most broken places in Mexico. It is known for human trafficking, prostitution, child-slaves, drug cartels and deportee camps. She knew that she was there to bring them hope, laughter, joy, smiles and other Godly things that Satan had taken away. More than anything else, she strived to help others have a lasting relationship and eternal life with Jesus Christ.

Once the lecture phase of her school was over, she moved toward the outreach phase, in which she worked with eight team members to serve unreached groups in Chiapas and Oaxaca of southern Mexico. She found that it was most important that all team members loved each other as they shared the gospel to the most unreached population in Mexico.

Emily Rosing 3

They first stopped in El Porvenir, Chiapas where her team helped teach basic health in schools, ran children’s programs, and worked with recently planted churches. Her favorite outreach activity was hiking along the mountainside to share stories of God’s love to those who didn’t yet know Christ. The families were very welcoming and were interested in the testimonies Emily and her team shared. Emily felt her faith becoming stretched and challenged, yet she held on to the promises God had given her.

After her time in Chiapas, Emily and her team packed up once more and headed to Oaxaca and worked with different indigenous groups, including the Triqui and Mixteco. Through this experience, she learned people to have a heart of praise in every situation. She praised God for giving her the opportunity to spread the love of Christ with these unreached groups.

Emily Rosing 4

As her time with the Discipleship Training School came to a close, Emily learned that God’s goodness doesn’t stop on graduation day. The best advice that a speaker told her is not to graduate but to keep learning. Emily’s next step will be exactly that: returning to the University of the Nations in September to do a nine month intensive School of Biblical Studies.  To learn more about her experience, please visit www.rosingdts.blogspot.com.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)


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