SERVE 6.8 101

Flood Recovery 5

How much do you know about those red-shirted folks who show up all over town helping others? SERVE 6.8 101 is a new class designed to share the history, philosophy and vision of SERVE 6.8 so attendees can learn more and get connected to volunteer opportunities in our community.

Class attendees will learn about SERVE 6.8’s main goals:

  • To enhance the level of service provided by compassion organizations within Northern Colorado.
  • To create and maintain structures to mobilize and lead large numbers of volunteers in response to disasters and local needs.
  • To bridge the gap between faith-based organizations, foundations, local government, and local agencies through volunteerism and collaboration in order to best leverage the compassion resources that exist in our community.

SERVE 6.8 is committed to collaborating with organizations in Northern Colorado to help those:

  • Who are homeless or near homeless at The Murphy Center
  • Single parents, widows, adoptive families and those with disabilities through needed home repair
  • Those impacted by the flood through our Disaster Recovery Team.

Our next SERVE 6.8 101 Class will be Wednesday, April 2 at 6:30 in Room 212 at Timberline Church.  For more information about SERVE 6.8, visit

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