Welcome Home Timberline Ambassadors Alexa and Kristie Dunnigan

Dunnigans 1

Two sisters, Alexa and Kristie Dunnigan, share a passion for design and aesthetics. Yet, their love for God and desire to empower women left them craving more than simply working in the fashion industry. They created their own jewelry label, the AMMO woman (www.theAMMOwoman.com), just over a year ago and their handmade necklaces serve as a tangible reminder for women to love their inner strength and beauty.

Kristie and Alexa were introduced to Lightbridge International and their work in the Minefield Village on the border of Thailand and Cambodia. The village was named this because, from 1974-1979, two million innocent Cambodians were murdered by the Khmer Rouge and a large concentration of land mines were placed in the area. In the village today, approximately five hundred families live in severe poverty with no electricity, no clean water, and hardly any food. Because of the extreme poverty, many parents have been forced to find work in Thailand, leaving their young children behind with nothing to fend for themselves.

Dunnigans 2

Lightbridge International has helped the economic development of the village by building a school, roads, clean water filtration and much more. Landmine Design emerged in 2012 as a social enterprise to employ women living in the village. This program began by teaching six women the craftsmanship of creating jewelry out of rolled paper beads.

Landmine Design asked Kristie and Alexa to collaborate in designing their spring collection, then travel there shortly after the start of the new year to teach and minister to the people of the village. The two sisters were excited to be given the opportunity to empower beautiful women half-way around the world. It was an amazing experience for them to design jewelry to be created by the hands of the women in Cambodia. They weren’t sure what to expect on their trip other than their hearts becoming transformed and touching the hearts of others.

Dunnigans 3

Alexis and Kristie first visited several orphanages in Thailand, established by Lightbridge International, then journeyed to the Minefield Village where they spent the rest of their time. They were blessed to meet the six women of Landmine Design and the families who call the village home. They spent each day with these incredible ladies in fellowship, teaching designs, and working together. Although the people in the village live in extreme poverty, it was eye-opening to see them so rich in spirit and in life. Despite Cambodia’s tortured and tragic past, the Lord has been doing incredible work, shining His light and restoring lives.

Back home in Colorado, the Dunnigan sisters will continue to do all they can to propel the mission of Landmine Design forward by helping develop business, branding, and marketing strategies. If you are interested in learning more about the village or purchasing a piece of jewelry, please visit LandmineDesign.org. Furthermore, you can find Landmine Design on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/landminedesign.

(Courtesy of Storyteller Nicole Sutton)

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